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Hi there,

I'm new here and new to tennis. I've only played a couple of times but I really want to get into it this summer to try something new. I live downtown (Sherbourne and Esplanade) does anyone have any suggestions on where to play that is cheap or free? Is anyone interested in playing around with a newbie? 


Thanks :)

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I will give it a try    I do not live far from you   Sherbrooke and Guy 


I can teach you


the weather has to get a little warmer there is a lot of city  inexpensive tennis courts owned by the city





wait a few weeks and I will try toge together

I dont mind playing! I live in the east york area and i have around 4-5 free courts in my area.

Let me know if you want to play!

Cool. I think the weekend after Easter i'm going to check out Moss Park because it's the closest to me. Does anyone know anything about this court? Moss park is kind of sketchy overall but I was hoping that I could play there because it's as far as I can tell the only one near me. You are all welcome to join unless you think I should avoid that one.
I took a few courses in that area and it is ok in the morning. It starts to get a little sketchy in the evening. There are courts available at Jimmie Simpson. It is also on Queen! I tried to look for it online but it did not show up bit I guarantee that you will find a tennis court there

Hi Lisa,


I live downtown (near the ACC) and have played on the courts at Queen/Jarvis. The courts are good (free/public); the area is kind of sketchy at night; but good for daytime/evening play. Also; there are some public courts at Lakeshore/Jameson near the Gardiner Expway (not sure if the nets have been put up on those courts yet).


I am also not a pro; but can definitely hold my own end and play some good ralies :).

I can play on the weekend (or in the evenings) after 5:30/6 PM. Please let me know if you'd be interested in hitting. I also have some friends who can join (so we can play mixed doubles as well) :)





hello, i am also someone looking to play and hit some balls back and forth. i can hold my own, and love the game and the work out. please contact me as well to play.

yea! I'm in Richmond Hill and coach hs tennis but would like to play with adults.


There are a few places dt to play.

What time is good for you?

Anyone want to play tomorrow at Fairmount park? Ill be there at 1-6 lol. Come anytime!

Hi there, where's the park located? And color of tennis shoes? mine is addidas blue and white

To find you....



I did not see this message till now! sorry, i was there a little late got there around 3. I will be playing at the riverdale courts at around 11. I will have addidas shoes which are white/black/blue.


Heres a link to google maps

This Saturday!

I think Moss Park is fine, certainly at least in the daytime.  

I have never experienced any problems there,

or even heard any bad stories from other tennis players. 


But there are only two courts.  Ramsden Park is preferable

since it has 12 (4 incorrectly oriented).   Some of them are not

of very good quality, but they are okay.


Anyone wanting to play at either of these places this coming Friday,

Sunday, or Monday afternoon or evening, please contact me asap! 

(Within the 3-3.5 range would be best match up).



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