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I just became a member of this club and I'm looking for some people to play with. Doubles or singles it really dosen't matter. It's located at the corner of Christie and Davenport in Hillcrest Park. I'm a female beginner but I can hit the ball pretty good for a beginner. Even if your not a member I can play anywhere in the dowtown (don't have a car). I can even bring guests if your willing to pay the $5 fee they charge. Saturdays and most weeknights are good for me.

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how is the court at wychwood?
Well I'm just a beginner so I haven't played elsewhere really. So I don't have a lot to compare it to. But They seem good to me.
anyone interested in the double at Wychwood park?
I'd like to play there once
I would be interested. I'm free this week on Friday after 5pm, Saturday during the day, or Sunday after 4pm. I have more free time next week. Let me know if you get a doubles game going.
I just got back to TO and wouldn't mind meeting up for some doubles.
Saturday after 1 pm, Sunday late afternoon or next Wednesday after 5 pm is okay for me.
Paul, where do you want to play?
should we try wychcomb park?
hi i want to play too.....dont mind a beginner
i am intermediate.........lets get together
i drive (4 cars)
Sounds good.
How's Sunday ~ 4:30 pm for everyone?
Weather looks good and most clubs a bit sparse on Sunday afternoons/evenings.
Doubles sounds fine to me.
sure, want to get together before that ?
im free afternoons 4 to whenever
later this week too
email me at
Can't swing anything earlier than Sunday at this time unfortunately since I've got a boatload of work piled up since returning from a trip. Should be able to swing something for next week though. Let's stick with Sunday Wychwood @ 4:30 pm for now. Everyone know where Wychwood is located? It's in a park on the northwest corner of Davenport & Christie. It's club operated so there's a good chance (if there's a monitor) that a guest fee of ~ $5 is required for each non-member.
Looking forward to it as I think we should have enough people for doubles (Sandra, Raj, Frenchtennis, and myself). I'll bring tennis balls.
copy that! roger, affirmative
By the way just for your info, the courts are supervised by a club monitor till 6pm on weekends. After that it's open to the public, and there's no fee.


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