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Please advise me: I am a mother who has a tennis lover son. I need help to guide him right.


My name is Funda Herera and I live in Lubbock, TX. I have a son who is about to be 7 years old. He and his classmates started some group tennis lessons in FALLS Tennis Club last year and continued the whole year round. But I was not satisfied with the classes. They looked like a "daycare tennis play". I even thought about getting private lessons for him but the monthly court fee was already too high plus the private lessons. I would have paid if I thought he is really benefiting something out of it. 

I did not play tennis but I used to be a professional athlete. I want him to continue tennis and be professional tennis player. We (my son and I) want him to be in the school team, but his age is too little to join the school team. I am originally from East Europe and have a habit of being pretty competitive and disciplined when it comes to Sports.

More important he is asking me when he will go back to play tennis, he even begged me to go back. :(

My questions are:

1- How can I find a place in Lubbock that has closed courts, other than FALLS?

2 - What should I do as a mother since I will be the one to guide him? 

3 - How am I going to take him to tournaments, how am I going to learn about tournaments?

4 - How am I going to find a good coach?

Please help me and also you can send me the answers to any other questions that you might think i should have asked. I don't know any rules of the game even how to play tennis. I will learn, though. 

Thank you for your time.


Funda Herera

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Hi Funda,

I just noticed this interesting post here - sorry I didn't see it sooner.  So, now that it has been about 9 months since you posted, has anything changed?  What is the status of your son's tennis?  If he is still passionate, let me know.  Have learned how to be the perfect tennis parent yet? 



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