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Everyone please disregard my previous emails, and only regard this one:

In respect of everyone's individual religious beliefs, if any of you prefer not to play tennis on Sundays, please let me know and I'll either organize a second get-together on a Saturday, or change the main one to 2/9/08, instead of 2/10/08. (I'd set it to 2/9/08 right now, but I work on Saturday nights, and would be exhausted at work.... Also, I'll try to ask for 2/9/08 off, and just make that the official day)

But don't worry, you will know a week ahead of time if it will be 2/9/08 or 2/10/08, since I am requiring all of you to answer to this by 2/3/08!

The official Tampa/Brandon Group Meet and Play(!) will be on 2/10/08 (or 2/9/08 as stated in the above paragraph), weather permitting, otherwise the following Sunday 2/17/08 (also weather permitting; and also maybe Sat. 2/16/08)

It will take place as early and as long as all of you prefer. I will be available the entire day to meet each and every one of you!

Hopefully all of you will have the chance to meet each other! Once I know what time each of you is available on 2/10/08, I will set a median time for everyone to show up around. For example: around 12, or around 3, or around 5, etc. (But if you want to play all day and stay all day so you can meet everyone, you can show up as early as you wish, and play me :P)

The location is not yet set, but will be very soon, so please check this discussion and your email often! It will most likely be somewhere near the Pinellas/Hillsborough border. I will personally be scouting locations to find the nicest courts and safest location where we can all feel safe and secure in our surroundings.

If you are interested in showing up on 2/10/08, please send me an email with the following items to:

First Name

Phone number and best times to call

Personal Email (and how often you check it)

What time you're available to play on 2/9/08 and 2/10/08, Either the entire day until the courts are closed, or a "From-To", ie: from 11 am to 5 pm.

Your zip code and the distance in miles you are willing to travel from it for this special get-together.

And just for fun: Your Estimated Playing Level (go to

After this hopefully sucessful get-together, if everyone prefers, we can do the same again either every Sunday of each month, every other Sunday of each month, or one Sunday a month.

Also, what I hope we can all get out of this meet is new friendships, so that we will be able to hit together outside of the get-togethers.

Thank you,

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Available 2/10/08 I would love to play! Anytime 11am or later..... are we meeting at Cal Dickson Tennis Center?


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