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Humans have an inborn desire to know themselves.

Sports have become not only a discharger of accumulated energy but also a vehicle to show one’s mastery over a simple task, in most cases, of controlling and placing a ball, and a tool to learn controlling one’s body as well.

Whether baseball, basketball, tennis, football, soccer, golf, cricket, squash, badminton, handball, bowling, hockey, lacrosse, ping-pong or croquet, pool or billiards, mastery is, or isn’t, a simple thing.

Humans are very special beings, in essence more spiritual that we ever thought we are. There are many philosophies about that, the majority complicating one’s search with misconceptions, other obscuring who we really are.

The real science is that which clarifies not only who we really are, but that one that provides a path to rid of one’s barriers in the chameleon or labyrinth of one’s life.

While that science makes full appearance, tennis, the way I teach it, tending, trending and threading to an extreme simplicity, can lead to great joy. It permits you to feel and strive in that spirit-body connection which is the essence of all great performances in sports.

Thought and mechanics can either be aligned or fight each other. Alignment and simplicity brings you more feel, more calmness, closer to your essence, while added data can make you more solid and complicate the task.

It seems a conundrum, a complicated matter, but the opposite is truth, a simplicity to honor and behold: we are humans, body and spirit, lovely souls in which the spirit is King!

And what is a spirit? Well, JUST FEEL IT!

Feel your hands, feel your racquet, feel the ball, feel your body and feel the simplicity. Feel yourself!

Oscar Wegner

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