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Moving to the south bay next month so I'm looking for some feedback on clubs in the Peninsula/Torrance/Beach Cities area?  Anyone that's a member, former member, may have looked into joining a club, if you have any feedback on pricing and what your thoughts were regarding the club I'd really appreciate it.  Places like the West End/South End clubs I guess, or anyplace else would be great.



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I am from westend, I like it there. Depend on where ur apartment is...

Thanks Lilia.  Yes, I know that I should have been more specific location wise.  I'll be in PVE, but I probably want to come down off the hill to play for a number of reasons....


How much do you pay at West End?  Is it the sort of place where you can just walk in and have a good chance of finding someone to hit with/play with? 


Thanks again, really appreciate it!

Hi Mike. You can come to Westend to get an orientation first. The monthly fee is around $100 ~110 for the new members. It may be a little hard to find someone to hit at the beginning, but they have round robin on Saturday and Sunday morning, and you can get to know people from there and then it will be easy for you to find people to play anytime. It is a great club for tennis. As long as you can accept the rate...
Hi Mike.  Welcome to the area.  I've played in the south bay area for the past four years.  As to public courts, I've regularly play at Ernie Howlett in Palos Verdes; Los Conchas (also known as South Bay Tennis Center) in south Torrance; Alta Vista in Redondo Beach.  At EH there's a $100 or so fee per year (needed only to make reservations) and courts are around $8 or $9 per hour, no lights.  During the week, no charge or reservations in the afternoon, making it a good place to play on weekday afternoons.  LC has no real annual fee.  It's operated by a lovely family, but it's a bit unorganized and mainly focused on juniors.  There are adult workouts there in the $20 plus range.  AV are good courts and the annual fee is only around $20.  AV is well run and they have a long tradition of round robins during the morning hours and during certain evening hours.  AV is a good choice if you're looking for public courts, which I prefer.  As to tennis clubs, there is the Kramer Club in Palos Verdes; South End in south Torrance; West End in central Torrance; Penninsula Raquete club in Palos Verdes; Palos Verdes Country Club in Palos Verdes; and Manhattan Beach Country Club.  Kramer and MB are the most expensive.  Kramer has a long tradition around here.  West End and South End are not identical.  I believe most people would say that West End is far superior in terms of the tennis programs and tradition.  If you're really into tennis and playing at tennis clubs, West End is the best bet for Torrance clubs.  South End is a very weak sister to West End.  There are lots of nice folks there, but in terms of an organized tennis clubs with a strong adult program, I think it's very weak.  Finally, many folks in my age ground (40-60) do the USTA leagues.  EH, AV, SE, WE, MB have USTA teams as well as other public facilities such as Mira Costa High School.  Hope this helps.
Thanks Lilia and Jeff, that's all great information, really appreciated!


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