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Looking for tennis partner.   Anyone.    I have recently just started playing again by taking weekly private lessons.    So far I haven't played anyone out side of that.   I'm a 4  (I think).  but it's yet to be seen if that skill level will carry over to a game, with a new opponent, outside of the tennis lesson.     would like to get rated, but couldn't figure out how you go about that.   

I have week days free 7am-2pm.   Evenings and weekends I am not free.   I'm not one of the competitive or high strung agro tennis types.   I'm in it for hitting the ball and running around, getting some exercise, getting a few good smooth hits in and some long rallies. 

I have good serve, fore and back hand etc.   I'm open to playing any skill level, age, mental condition, criminal record, transgenders, etc.  Just want to play.   

my e mail is 

nagahota at g mail  

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Come down to Alta Vista tomorrow (starts at 3pm til whenever) for the round robin.  It's only 4.50.

I play 4.5, but I like to play there sometimes because I don't have to set up anything with anyone, just show up.

Yeah, sometimes the level of play is lower, but I don't mind.  There should be at least a few 4.0+ every sat/sun.  Sat is singels, Sun is doubles btw

thanks.   great tip!!!     can't find info on google for this event.   Not much at this link:  Alta Vista Link.   

3pm to when?   do you have to show up at 3?    I have to work until 5 on Saturday, probably too late.    Should I venture over anyway?  

Technically you can play from 3PM till the lights go out (10PM I think).  But normally people will start leaving around 7ish.  It varies.  You don't have to show up at 3, you can come whenever.  I like to go early (try to before 4) so I can get my $4.50's worth (I'm cheap haha).  If you're planning to come tomorrow, let me know and I'll wait.

Thanks for good info CL.      maybe I'll show up tomorrow anyway, but I will have wobbley legs   we'll see. I couldn't wait so I just went running today.      i'm tall with blue wilson tennis bag and white shoes.   If I show up it will be at 5:30ish.    Thanks much, will make it there one of these Saturdays.  (work day for me)

Ok, I'll be here

Hey Eric.  I'm a 4.0.  You available to hit some time this week?  I prefer early mornings (the earlier the better), but could do a couple afternoons as well.  Let me know.

KD send me email to


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