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Wow, not much activity here. I'm looking for people to hit or do sets with. I don't know my rating, but used to be decent and still seem to be. I just want to get out, get fit and have fun. Heavy competition is not my forte, but if we do sets I won't mind winning (or losing...:). Anywhere in Santa Fe is fine with me. Tomorrow, Sunday, March 3, would be great, but I'm available pretty much anytime it's sunny and in the 50s or higher. Anybody out there? m

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I'll play ya. Not March 3rd. But when it gets warm out & hopefully not too windy. 

To learn the rating system go here:

I'm 3.5 on the rating scale. 

Friday's and weekends are the days I have available right now to play. 

Great, thanks. Tomorrow's supposed to get to 59. You may be otherwise occupied, but that's plenty warm for me if we play in the afternoon, though the wind might kick up a bit. I'll be trying the Shellaberger tennis fiesta next Friday but could probably play next Sunday. Thanks for the rating system link, too. I'm probably a 4 once I get warmed up. I've only played once recently after a hiatus of decades.

I'd like to play some tennis with either of you as well.  I'm a 3.5, and would enjoy hitting, or doing sets.


Hey Matt, Thanks for letting us know. I'd like to play. I registered for this Friday's Shellaberger's free, once-a-month Friday night tennis Fiesta so I'll probably be good till the latter part of next week. Can you play weekday afternoons?

Would tomorrow afternoon work for you, Friday the 15th?

Who are you asking?

Sorry, I hit the reply under Matt Fagan's message thinking it would associate with him and that message because his original message predated yours but since you replied first let me ask you. Would 2 pm at Herb Martinez Park work for you?

Yea, I can make it.  I've played there plenty.

Great, I'll meet you there at 2.

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I'll be there

I can play pretty much any day of the week, as long as I have fair warning.  If you need a partner feel free to email.


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