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Introductions: who, where, and how good?
Hi. I started this thread for your group so that everyone can introduce themselves in here and say what they're looking for. As you probably know, I'm the site admin guy and I live a couple of states away, but if I was here, I'd say:

I'm Mark. I'm 38 and the best bartender around.
I'm a ______ player (NTRP of about _____)
I've been playing for ______ years/ weeks.
I live near the courts at ______.
I like singles/ doubles.
I'm available on weeknights/ weekends/ crack of dawn.

:-) See how easy that was.

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I'm Jean-Francois. I'm 39 and from Montreal.
I live near the courts at Dolores Park.
I'm an advanced player and I've been playing for 20+ years.
I like singles mainly, but also likes high-level fast doubles!
I'm available on weekdays early or late evenings, and weekends when I'm not traveling.
Hi, I'm Janice, 35 from San Francisco. Looking for practice partners around a 3.5 level. Available early mornings or after work. I like near Julius Khan and Golden Gate Park courts. I am mainly looking for practice / hitting partners, not matches.

I'm Cory, I live in El Cerrito right now, but will be moving to the richmond district April 13th. I don't really know what courts are near me, so I'd appreciate suggestions! I live near Clement and 24th (or will).
I am brand new, but I don't seem to actually be that bad! Doubles or singles is fine, but I'm a friendly person, so doubles can be more fun for me.
I am Vianney, I am 23, living in Sunnyvale, but in San Francisco for the week ends.
I usually play in the Golden Gate Park courses.
I am an advanced player that hasn't played for a while and want to go back playing, to be more regular.
I've been playing for 10 years.
I like both single and doubles.
Please let me know, I'm really looking for tennis partner(s)!!!
Hi All ^,^~

I live in Marin and started playing tennis when I was ~ 5 or so and played a lot during high school. It tends to come and go in my life. I had a great tennis partner until I moved so haven't played in months now.

As I was googling and ckg cl to see if there's a tennis club or such to get back into shape I saw this link and looks like a good idea! Just havin' fun & exercising is why I play so singles or doubles. Does anyone play at the San Anselmo Tennis courts by Veteran's Park?
I could play in San Anselmo (I work right near a park, I think its memorial park though), after work around 3:30pm, but I'm really new, so probably a lot worse than you.
Yeah, it's actually both...Veteran's Memorial Park. I went there with some friends the last time and the courts were full. and i don't's prob a toss up ;-) and the courts are pretty small but there's also SFD HS down the block. They've just finished redoing all the Courts there from ground up. 3:30 may be too early next week m-f tho...
well let me know if you want to go to either sometime, just email me at if you're around.
You're too anonymous.
Hi Cory, I think Veronica was saying that you need a profile pic and more profile info. (that's my guess.) The more info you have on your profile page, the comfortable people feel.

Click the link under the big grey head on your page to update your pic. If you need any help at all, let me know.
Hello, I'm Ellen, 28, live near the Alice Marble courts in Russian Hill, and work near the courts by Mollie Stone's in Sausalito.
I played tennis in high school, and am looking to get back into it. I supposed my rating would currently be around a 3-3.5?
I prefer rallying than actual matches, but that's bc i have a weak-sauce serve, something i desperately would like to improve :P
looking to play on the weekends/weeknights in SF, and mornings/lunchtime in Sausalito...


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