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hey! so this site has been a good way for me to meet people to play with in the past, but im kind of curious how many people even use their account anymore??im a 2.5 /3.0 singles player. Its starting to get decent out and id ike to start making some contacts


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I'm down for hitting some balls this weekend (Feb 5th or 6th).  I could meet in Milwaukie area. 

Hi I just signed up and looking for locals to play against.  I am pretty solid but far from good maybe you want to play?>
ok hopefully i can make some mixers
Hi Renae!  I think tons of players still "use" this connection group.  The best way to reach them is to leave messages on their profile pages and to send them friend requests.  Most members will get notified via email when you do one of these two things.  As I have run Tennisopolis for the last 3 years, I have noticed that many people join, then meet people in their group, and then are good to go.  Not as much need to check back in regularly.  But when members reach out to them, they are always there.  Have fun!

hi renae,

long time no talk. you just have to kep trying. there are other sites you can use to expand your options. if you need some help let me know. by the way, i did post something in the court time page. you will want to check this out. and if you are available, go there, meet a few players and possibly hook up with a team.

ok thanks jun, i will!


tonight @ 7 PM if you can make it. st john's RC. WTT open play tryouts. you will be placed with players within your skill level.  RSVP because there is a 16 player limit. if you are not available tonight, then next wed. again the information is posted on the court time page of this site.

hey i just got on here! im so sorry i missed this!!!!! is there going to be another one soon???


thanks jun


show up if you are able. parkrose HS 0930
i have a review for my final at 10 am- i was really bummed when i saw the day and time for this or i would have been there. My last final is tuesday though!! then free time!!

Hey everyone... I'm in the Tanasbourne area, but I'm open to playing anywhere in the Portland area...


Not sure what my ranking would be now (played in HS and was pretty good...)... I'm probably a 3.5 player or could get to that level quite quickly.



lots of people need to get out there. few weeks left before we see the crappy weather again


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