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Anyone interested in starting a regular tennis group to play weekdays evenings 3.0 to 4.5.


I'm interested in starting a regular tennis time weekdays evenings. If anyone is interested in playing regularly, getting back in form and getting back in shape, let me know. The more the better. We can play singles or doubles or mix and match. Let form a regular group.


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hey guys looks like i have to be in south pas tomorrow night so if anyone wants to hit around 4pm-ish tomorrow I am game!

Yes! Want to hit.

Orange Grove has "City Tennis" from 3:30-4:30, not too bad. We could hit there at 4:30, (maybe get there 10 mins early to stretch on the grass and grab our court (or show knows... city tennis could be a bust and no one is there).

Or we can try Garfield (has been pretty busy lately), or the High School is also very close with 4 courts.

Let me know.

Anyone for Doubles?

hey Rock!  great to hear from you. 

Ok so I have a friend Maria (strong player better than me)  who is ready to hit at 3:15pm today and we are going to meet at garfield park if you could join us then and maybe one other person for doubles.  Either way we will be there at 3:15 so come on down.

i might be able to play tomorrow.... i'll keep everyone posted....

Sounds good. Time and place?

Cool. Will try to get over to Garfield around 3:15 then.

Hey...anyone free to hit today?

Mike and I will be hitting at Orange Grove at 4 pm today (Friday).

Anyone want to join for doubles?

sorry rock already hitting at 4 today - have a good one and drink tons of water with ice!

thanks, you too

Anyone wanna play Wednesday morning (july 4) at 9:00 am?

Yes!!! Can see some parade even ). Might want to park here and walk over... or play not in So. Pas. but might be fun... and parade goes from these courts (coffee shop and library really, but close), to Garfield Park.

Anyway, I'm up for it. Here or elsewhere.


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