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Anyone interested in starting a regular tennis group to play weekdays evenings 3.0 to 4.5.


I'm interested in starting a regular tennis time weekdays evenings. If anyone is interested in playing regularly, getting back in form and getting back in shape, let me know. The more the better. We can play singles or doubles or mix and match. Let form a regular group.


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Is Glendale too far for everyone? Otherwise, Altadena has nice courts in Loma Alta Park.
Pedro, wanna hit in Altadena sometime this weekend? --John
Hey John sorry for the late reply, I don't think this weekend is good. If anything changes ill message u for tomorrow.
Ok.  Thanks.  I'll be up in Altadena most of next weekend too.  Perhaps we can hit the. --John
Hey Rock how is your injury?  how you holdin up?
It feels better, thanks. I think it was just a strain that put the muscle into stress mode and led to the excruciating pain for a few days. I think I'll try to serve a bucket tonight and see how what goes. Of course now I have a major kink on my left shoulder... not as severe as the other.
Anyone up for tennis tomorrow Wednesday at 4pm. at Garfield park.?

Haha... I think I am. I should be unless I have a problem serving a bucket tonight.

So, yes, unless I have to renig after serving some balls today, but should be okay.

I will be there to hit at 4pm - look forward to it! Is your friend Paul coming?
Hey Rock and Nhien, great hitting with you guys just FYI I won't b able to join on Friday as I thought.  Have a great weekend all!

It was good to get out again. Left side still annoying but hopefully it will work itself out.


I'm up for Friday afternoon if anyone else is.


Also can play the weekend... John???

Hey Rock -- just watching the Open.  Great battle Ferrero vs. Monfiel!  Now in tight 5th set.  Whoa.  Yeah -- I am up to play Friday.  Still want to fine tune new racket.  Phillip will not be with us.  How about it Bart -- can you join us for Friday???  I can swing by and give you a lift.


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