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Anyone interested in starting a regular tennis group to play weekdays evenings 3.0 to 4.5.


I'm interested in starting a regular tennis time weekdays evenings. If anyone is interested in playing regularly, getting back in form and getting back in shape, let me know. The more the better. We can play singles or doubles or mix and match. Let form a regular group.


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I am new to Tennisopolis ; I live in Pasadena and would like to  hit to get back in shape;  I am 3.0 to 4.5 ;  I have been playing for years but now I just want to hit for fitness ;  my posting name is Mike G ( not M G );  


Certain weeknights are good, eg: Thurs, Friday,  Mondays

i'll try to get there by 4...
I am free to hit some today between 2pm and 4pm today.  Let me know if anyone is available?? Either Pasadena or 2:30 in monterey park / alhambra

HI Phil, sorry. Didn't even read this earlier because I figured I knew what it said and knew I couldn't hit today but would have loved to.


Tomorrow or Firday?

let's go for friday at the same 4pm time at garfield park and see if we can get others :)
Friday at 4 sounds great!
hi Rock.  sorry i didn't make it out.  I ended up having to shoot video for the Dwell on Design conference.  Hope you got some good hitting in?
no worries... hit some serves and came home and napped for 4 hours... got up, walked dogs and ate dinner and back in bed by midnight, so I'm thinking I needed the nap more than tennis
ugh! so sorry.  i thought others were coming to hit as well.  Napping is very under appreciated.  I am honing my skills on that fine art.
Hey Rock --  I am a member of the So Cal - Pasadena Tennis Group.  I too have salt and pepper hair! and am a 57 year old 3.5-4.0 who lives in Sierra Madre.  My wife works in downtown Pasadena at a dentist office on El Molino and Del Mar.  I am a college instructor down at Fullerton College who is off for the summer (though not "layed off" due to Calif budget woes!).  I am taking an intermediate tennis class in town at Memorial Park -- bunch of good guys at different levels.  I have a solid backhand; a fair forehand, and a hard serve when it cooperates!  The class on Wednesday is great for playing doubles and having a fun time: but does little for conditioning.  So, I have found a local abandoned theater on Rosemead ave above Foothill blvd -- a great brick wall to hit against and work up a sweat.  Then off to a bunch of courts in the vicinity to work on my serve.  Pasadena H.S. is not far from me.  I have read the postings for your S. Pas group with longing.  Hard to find guys who are easy going and would enjoy rallying, or hitting.  At any rate -- I would be willing to travel down to S. Pas. to hit sometime.  As an artist too -- I often drive to Old Town to Blick Art store which is on Raymond and Green street-- and also the Norton Simon Museum.  S. Pas. is only about 10-15 min by fwy from my house.  So -- if you guys can set up a date down there -- I would look forward to it!  You can post a reply or email me at:  Bryce

Hi Bryce,

Would love to hit anytime. As I've said to all before, I am better at showing than at setting up. I work from home and stay plenty busy 7 days a week, but if someone says "tennis" I can drop what I'm doing for an hour or two 9 out of 10 times. I'd be glad to play some singles anytime. Orange Grove park in So. Pas I can walk to. We've been playing at Garfield Park lately as there is actually a tree or two and a chance for a spot of shade. So. Pas. HS is close also if others are full which is rare. Not sure where Pas HS.

Let me know on some singles or others might show if we set a time. Otherwise our regular Thurs has become Fri doubles. Last week was a bust, but Phil is back... see below...



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