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I met two ladies playing next to us who were competing in the Flex league.
I had never heard of it before.

I'm not sure if it would be a good way for people to find tennis partners or not?
The fee is $35 for non-USTA members. That might be high if you're invited to play on public courts (which are free anyway),
but it COULD be nice if your opponent lives in a community with brand new clay courts.

FWIW, the two ladies I mentioned above were grossly mismatched--the winner won 6-0/ 6-1, but the loser was
still singing the praises of the Flex league.

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I'm thinking about joining the Collier Men's Singles 4.0.  It's worth $35 to find someone at a similar level to play with. Anyone else?

I can't find any info indicating how healthy the participation in this league is. The spring session is currently underway in Collier county, but
there doesn't seem to be any way to see how many people are playing.
It's a LOT more interesting (and worth the $35) if there are 20 guys playing 3.5 singles, but it could well be a waste of money
if there are only a couple players.

Almost seems like you have to register and hope something materializes.

I have played in the USTA FlexLeagues for about the last two years, 4x year. Most of the people you play are very nice. The local contact is Bob Baker at I'm sure he can fill you in. It's only $25 if you join the USTA. You "self-declare" your NTRP ranking, so you may get some people in a flight that should be in the next NTRP group up (or down). But if you win your flight all you get is a little plastic bag tag, not the Wimbledon trophy, so when you see a big mismatch such as you alluded to, it might just be someone who was just starting in the FlexLeague and wasn't sure which flight to enter. If you win all your matches they move you up to the next level, anyway. I think sign-up for the summer is now open, or will be soon. I entered two flights for the spring session, 4.0 Men's and 4.0 Seniors (50+) and I had six matches in the 4.0 and ten in the 4.0 Seniors. It's tough to get them in if you're at all busy, which is why I like the "flex" part ("flex" is for "flex"ible scheduling, i.e., you and your opponent agree upon a time to play). Talk to Bob Baker--he can tell you all you need to know.

Thanks for the input.
FWIW, registration for Summer 2013 is open until 6/29.


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