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I'm fairly new to tennis, but would really like some practice just rallying and such! Let me know!



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Hi Patricia!
Sorry, I've been out of town for a couple days and only saw your message today. Are you free some time this weekend to play? Either Lafontaine or Jeanne Mance works for me! Let me know!


Not a problem! I've only been out a couple times this year and I'm nothing spectacular. I tried calling you but got no answer. Does 10 work for you at lafontaine? I've never actually played at any of the courts in Montreal so I'm not sure how they work. Can you book them in advance?

Let me know if tomorrow works for you!


Sounds perfect!

Are you only looking to play other females?  I'm also looking to play someone of a fairly low level, but everyone seems to be at a level of 3.0 or higher :(   Haven't gotten any replies yet.

BTW, love the Winnipeg Jets throwback you're rocking.  Hoping it's a Teemu Selanne jersey.  

Hi Edward,

Not a Temmu jersey, just an old jersey I found lost in my parent's basement. Still pretty awesome though!

I wouldn't be opposed to playing with a dude. I'm definitely still fairly new to the game. I can kind of rally back and forth, but that's about the extent of my skills.

Hey Janice,

Yeah I'm pretty much the same.  I can somewhat keep a rally going, but as soon as people decide to have a game and keep score, I stop following through my shots and start to miss more shots (followed by me invariably blaming my racket :)

If you're down for rallying, let me know and we can set up a time.   Either through here, or you can text me at 514-969-1392.

Hi there!

I'm also new in tennis, and I would really like practicing with someone my level. However, I live on the South Shore of Montreal, and going to Montreal might be a little complicated for me. On the other hand, I'm starting cegep n october 15th, at Rosemont, and it would be easy to play after that. XD


I have a question, do you speak french? Because I do and I would feel more confortable talking in french.



Hi Marianne,

Unfortunately, I do not speak french, but luckily tennis doesn't require a lot of talking! If you want to play when you're in Rosemont more often, just let me know!

Sure! I would love to! And i guess you're right about the fact that tennis doesn't require a lot of talking XD. Thanks for replying so fast.

We shall stay in contact then!



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