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Seeking 4.0+ hitting partner(s) indoor/outdoor ... Overland Park, Leawod, Lenexa, or Olathe area preferred ... practice ground-strokes, for sure, and maybe play some sets. 

... work on some cross-court backhands &tc &tc? i.e., likewise, "serving 100mph+ and/or 70mph+ FH w/ good slice backhand and maybe even better (topspin) BH" on good esp. calm days? 

e.g., a new RF 97 "on its way" as-of-today -- tho my (older) 95's both recently strung so:

 "I have sticks, case of new balls, and WILL travel," so-to-speak ... no problem hitting w/ "former D1 (or maybe more realistically) D2 college players" ... Tho, that'd require "sharpen my edge," and can't ACCOMPLISH that w/ e.g. the 3.0 - 3.5 players (mostly "walked over" last season ... since re-dedicating to tennis) after nearly decade layoff -- playing mostly pickup-basketball. 

Long/short: can't really enjoy tennis (to the full) w/o hitting w/ another athlete, for whom tennis is "first sport," such as myself. Se la vie. Playing a lot of league/tournaments is fine, but only by PRACTICING bla bla ... So I'm an "ideal" practice-partner (I believe) for just-about-any level (amateur) inc. former juco or D2 who actually understands: "5-min warmup-then-jump-into-competition is probably NOT going to sharpen one's game" (anytime soon).

FINDING that-type partner (hitting partner) isn't "easy as one might think" Lol!




PS: 45F & sunny today, nearly-dead-calm, and I'd hit groundstrokes today, Sunday, for an hour ... IF I could find somebody -- obviously willing to drive "your preferred courts." No pressure. Presently difficult finding practice partner(s) south of Plaza ... USTA league(s) are immanent ... gotta explore options with bonafide tennis player(s) ... "recreational" yes; but "serious/legit men's singles" much more my inclination. Some doubles, too. So 3.5+ might be "OK for some occasional warmup/sessions, might (sometimes) even be good for us both"; ... not all that rigid, today; particular preference(s) - no habitual pushers, please Lol! ... IOW generating nearly all the pace w/ practically any/every/body last year -- CAN get "wearisome." End of Story.

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