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Hi everyone! Lost my current tennis buddy due to injury.  Looking for someone to workout with, rally or matches, doesn't matter. Haven't played in a while, so trying to get back in rhythm.  Available during the day, 7 days a week. 

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I'm about 3.0-3.5, also in Rancho, not sure what is your level but if interested, let me know. Thank you.

Hi Daniel, I'm about the same level. I'm very interested. What is your availabilty?  I'd like to get back on the court asap!




Did you find a hitting partner? I am about a 3.0-3.5, need someone to hit with and im available weekdays! I need to get back asap!!!


Hi, I live in Mira Loma and have a court in my complex. I can play most mornings. Take care, Rick.
Hey Therese,

Sorry I thought your reply would sent automatically to my email but didn't. So explains the late reply. I'm pretty much available every weekday after 5 except on Fridays. Weekends after mornings. Can you email me directly at


Thats right folks in 2 weeks time wed. july 13 We'll be hosting a $$$ round robin tourny In Rancho Cucamunga


Entry to the tourny will be $20 per person and this is a "singles" tourny


Half the entry money collect will go to the pot and who ever wins will win the whole thing!!!!


again this will be round robin format so this is a great chance to get out and play tennis agaisnt aton of people


also this is open to everyone and anyone


no age limit and any playing skills welcomed!



For more information or to sign up please feel free to email us at


Hi my name is Alfredo, I am very new to this and to tennis. I have only played a couple of times with some friends but can be very dedicated to the sport. I live in Moreno Valley but work in Cucamonga. If you are interested in playing with a newbe, let me know. thanks

alfedo you are more than welcome to come play at our round robin tournament, you'll get the chance to play with a lot of diffenert people and meet to hitting friends


Hi Alfredo,

      I would love to play, doesn't matter if you're a newbie.  I haven't been on the court for awhile, so I'll probably play like a newbie at this point.  When are you available?



I work in rancho and off at 6 mon - fri. Anytime after 6 works for me!

Hi Therese:


I also lost my current tennis buddy and am looking to hit with someone.  I live in Upland.  Please let me know if you would like to hit sometime.



Hi Mark,

         Sounds great!  When are you available?




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