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Since there weren't any threads going in this group, I figured I'd start a new one that might be useful. I'd like to see if everyone can post where you play/practice and when/how often? I'm just getting back into tennis after not having played since high school, but none of my friends are into it, and I don't have a schedule that allows me to join a league or club. So I'm looking for a few people who wouldn't mind helping me get my game back up without giving me the business.

So for me, I'm in Riverside (near UCR) and I usually have some time on the weekends (either early in the day or later in the evening) and once in a while in the evenings during the week. I'm not a student @ UCR, but I'm trying to get a pass to be able to use their courts ;) but there's a few other courts around here (Reid Park near the Riverside Golf Club @ Columbia has decent courts that are usually empty, RCC, etc).

So let's see what everyone else is up to and maybe we can all find some new folks to practice with.

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Anyone In La Verne.. I can play every monday afternoon :) thanks
I live near UCR also and would like to start playing pretty often. I'm a little rusty right now too because I haven't played in a while, but it shouldn't take me too long to become competitive again. My evenings and weekends are usually pretty open.
If you want to get together for some non-competitive tennis, shoot me an e-mail (jason2112-at-gmail-dot-com). So far, I'm getting nowhere with the UCR ID card to get access to their courts (which are very nice), but there's some decent courts around....
This is a pretty good matrix of Riverside parks that have tennis courts. The only ones I've used are Reid Park (pretty nice) and Shamel Park (not too great).
Here's Moreno Valley:
What's up jason, I live in riverside and also play at Reid and R.C.C. on occasion. If your looking to play drop me a line a
I'm near UCR too. I'd love to play. My email is (This obviously goes for anyone in the area too.)
I live in Redlands and work in Moreno Valley...
Should be able to play some evenings in moreno valley during weekdays and may have some time during weekends at either Redlands or Rancho Cucamonga as I tend to be at the latter place often because of church.

Anyway, I'm also trying to get back into game after long (very) hiatus...haven't played since high school and I'm in mid 30's..yikes I'm old..

Anyway, I tried playing with my church members few weeks ago and yes I definitely will need a lot of practice lol...
I live in Hemet but work in Perris. Murrieta/Meniffee would be good. Are you still looking for someone to play against? I have not played in 20 years but would like to get back into it.
Nicole - i play in Menifee - off of Menifee Rd where SJCC/Middle School and baseball fields are.
I Play at Rowland heights, chino hills, and Ontario 1 every 2 weeks
I live in Rancho Cucamonga, but am willing to play in Ontario. I am a beginner.
i live in redlands, school in csusb
and use courts in csusb or ford st off of 10
and avaible after 4 in the evenings in weekday and mostly avaible in the mornings in weekends
so anyone in this area looking for practice with beginner
email me
Jason (or anyone in Moreno Valley/Riverside),

I'm ready to play! I live close to the 215 off of Van Buren in Riverside and would like to play twice a week in the mornings or afternoons or possibly on Thursday evenings. I too have not played competitively since High School (32 now) and want to get back into shape. I love tennis and it is becoming harder and harder to find anyone that enjoys it anymore.

I hope to play soon with anyone.



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