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Hey everyone.  Thanks for reading this.  I'm looking for a classic racquet that I used to play with as a junior.  If anyone has or knows someone who has a Wilson Pro Staff Classic 4.2si that they would be willing to part with I would love to check it out.  Have a great week.  And if you're a 5.0 looking to his let me know that as well.


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Hi Dave, I have a few Prostaff Classic 4.2 si that I used to use that I'm willing to sell.  I'm assuming you want the 95 sq inch ones?

Are you still in need of these sticks?  If so what grip size?  I have 2 of them.

Hey George,

Yeah, I'm still looking for the 4.2's.  What kind of condition are they in and how much would you want for them?  If you're interested I have a K6.1 Tour for trade with some replacement grommets.  What are the odds you have a 4 & a 1/2 grip size?  Have a good one.


Haha wouldn't you know it... they're both 4 and 1/2 grip size!

I would say in all honesty, condition-wise they are about 6.5-7 out of 10.  But rather than me judge, I can send you some pics so you can decide for yourself.

I've posted them for sale in the talk tennis (tennis warehouse) forum at $70, but im willing to talk especially if selling both at once.

$70 each or for both?  if you're asking $70 each and their 6.5-7 condition I'll pass at that price.  I got two about a month ago that were 9-9.5 on ebay for $100 & $10 shipping.
Thanks though

Got it... let me know what price you think makes sense... I can also provide pics if you want.

Well, depending on condition, 50-70 for both makes sense.  Like I said, I got two that were almost like new, literally just a little scuff on the grommets, for $100 for both.  I'm not going to use these as my daily racquets, I was just looking for nostalgia.  If they're really banged up then I don't even know that I'd buy them.  I'd love to see pics, you can email me at  Have a good one.



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