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Singles, Doubles, games or practice.. Greenlake, Ballard, or can travel

Looking for people to hit with, we have a crew that plays doubles sometimes in the mornings, but looking for more options as schedules don't always work out and I want to make sure I'm not missing these great sunny days while they last. I'm in the 3.0 range but am open to all skill levels. For now my schedule is wide open, mornings are nice and cool and evenings as well, but any time might work. Ideally in the Ballard, Greenlake area but I can travel. [email removed - see profile]

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Hello , I am near the lower woodland courts at green lake , I can play most evenings . Not sure about the rating thing but I am sure I can provide some exercise at a 3 to 4 level
Hey do you still have a group that meets at a regular time? I can play some evenings and weekends. I'm maybe a 3.0 but haven't played for a while. Thanks!
Hi Shawn. I'd love to join your group in the next week or two. Let me know if you've got anything scheduled at I don't know my rating but probably around 3.0, and I love doubles or singles.
I have a pretty flexible schedule (grad student) and can often play during the day or evenings. While I don't know my exact rating, I'm definitely in the 3.0 range as well. I live in Ballard, so either Ballard or Greenlake work well for me.

I just moved back to Seattle a couple of months ago and would love to hit some balls.  I live in Wallingford very close to the Greenlake/Woodlawn courts.  I'm probably in the 4.0 range but I haven't played much in the past year so there likely will be some ugly hits early on (forwarning).
I have a pretty flexible schedule so let me know what works for you and maybe we could meet on a dry, not too cold day at the Greenlake courts (I'm not sure what they are officially called but the ones at the South end of the lake near the zoo ect)
You can also reach me by phone at 206-313-2634
Looking forward to hearing back from you.

What a heel, my apologies to all the people who responded to this thread, I fell off the radar for a while and I cancelled the email address I was using for this account (and forgot to update this site with my new email), so I never saw any of the postings...  anyway, I hope everyone found some people to hit with, I myself am going to need to get out there soon and start hitting again, it's been WAY too long and I'm feeling pretty rusty!


*Also, the crew that was meeting in the mornings no longer meets, people just kinda drifted away (jobs, etc)

Hi Shawn, I'm moving to Bellevue and I live at Villaggio on Yarrow bay, I'm learning Tennis and we have 4 nice courts on water front, If someone wants to play with a newbie or use this courts with friends as free teaching class exchange contact me before May31/2011, my time is very flexible

Hey Javier,


I'd love to play sometime, it would have to be after work as I work In Bellevue but live in Seattle/Ballard...  email me:

I'm a decent intermediate player (doubles and singles); I figure I match up well with 3.0 or so, and could play in Ballard or at Greenlake any time.  msatkins at
Hey Shawn... Let me know if you still need one more. I'm perhaps a 3.5 and my schedule is flexible so that I could play in the mornimgs during the week. Feel free to email me at if you still need another player.

Kind regards,
Hey Durstin, thanks for checking in, unfortunately this thread was started back in 2009 and everyone has since moved on to other times or situations, I would suggest starting a new discussion thread.


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