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Hey everyone,

I just moved into the Farifax City area and I'm looking to play some matches.  I am pretty good but play rather infrequently.  I'm the captain of the track and field team at Cornell University and need something to do in order to stay in shape for next season.  If anyone has any suggestions for courts in the area or wants to meet at one, let me know!  I work full time until 5:00 pm everyday but would love to play in the evenings. 

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I am a 3-0-3.5 player and available after 5:00 p.m. and work in the Fairfax area not far from GMU. I am sure we could find some courts in the area.

Let me know if you are interested in setting something up. You can email me directly if you prefer.


Rob Zaniel

703-795-9067 voice or text

Hey. Would you like to play tomorrow near GMU after 5 pm? I'm also going to GMU for an internship. Let me know.



I can play at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow.  I am not that familiar with the courts in the area.  Did you have certain courts in mind? 

Rob Zaniel

703-934-6188; text, voice

What about Wakefield park?
Heck, I know Wakefield Rec Center off Braddock Road.  I live a half mile from there.  I thought you were looking for a place closer to GMU.  Only problem with Wakefield is it will be super crowded and even parking can be tough.  If you are willing to travel that far, I would recommend Lake Braddock High School which is right off of Braddock on Burke Lake Road West of Wakefield Rec.  It is never crowded.
I have no problem with that; however, I'd still prefer to play at wakefield park. I don't know how to get to Lk braddock hs
OK, what time can you meet at Wakefield?
5:30 pm



I think I am going to have to pass.  I have to leave at 7:00 p.m. If we can't find a court right away, we won't have much time to play.  I promised someone I would meet them at the Fairfax Fair tomorrow night. I could play earlier, but you're not available.

Sorry it didn' work out.!


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