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Want to restart a 30 year old tennis tradition: 2PM 4.0-up hot court doubles at San Pablo Park, Berkeley

There has been a group of 4.0-5.0 Doubles players that have been playing in the afternoons since about 1990!  What makes this special is the extremely competitive environment thats created when we run hot court.  We have a diverse multicultural group that play at a high tourney level, the goal being to challenge ourselves and improve our dub chops.  Looking for good doubles players that are free at 2pm on weekday afternoons to build on our group.

For those that don't know  Here are the rules of hot court...

1. Teams are developed in order of arrival.

2. Teams play one set, winners live on to take on the next chronological team waiting, and the losing teams fall to the bottom of the waiting list.

3. 12 pt tie breaker at 6-6.

4. If one winning player can't play on, the waiting team spins racket to see who joins the remaining winning player and all subsequent teams are readjusted.

5. Winning team serves first to start set.

6. To avoid arguments, we play automatic lets on balls, car alarms, disputed line calls etc.  Gotta keep things moving!

When you arrive, be sure to tell the on court players; "next up" to secure your spot in line.  Then go warm up wherever you see the guys warning up.  You will be called on when you're up. Simple.

Please be 4.0 or better as we want everyone to continue to enjoy playing competitively and build this group up.  There will always be several available side courts at this time to warm up to get ready for your turn.  If you are not ready to play on this level please respect the players and practice on your own until you get the skills to hold your own in our format.  Not to be harsh but thats what I beleive killed our previous hot court legacy.  We allowed beginners to play and our core group guys lost interest as they felt they could get nothing productive out of the levels that were facing, therefore this time we are going to hold firm to the player level restriction.  There are often several 3.0-3.5 players there that you can play with on other courts but please know your level.  If you are almost there and or are invited to play, thats fine but please self recognize if you don't belong.  Don't make us tell you!

The Idea is to get a large core of guys to play network and compete in the afternoons!

If you are free weekday afternoons at 2PM and want to be a part of this fun group of high quality doubles;  please send me a text at 510 432 0500 so I can set things up.  I currently have a group of about 5 guys so far and once we get the momentum and all do our part to build the group, we can recreate this special situation that has been around for many years!  Currently we call each other and set up matches but I want to stop the need for this and just be able to show up at 2pm like it used to be in the old dys.  With social media this should be a piece of cake.  

The great thing about San Pablo Park is that there are so many great players hanging around and you don't need to have a partner, just grab your sticks and show up and blend in!  We are a welcoming group as long as you are realistic about your abilities.  Most of the guys have over 20 years of doubles experience so we know what we are doing.

There are also TONS OF LEAGUE TEAMS that play out of SPP of all levels so we have one of the most vibrant communities in the Bay Area for high level players.    Its a great thing, let's build it.

Pete Gregory

510 432 0500

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Like to join your group, but too early for me. If you can move to 6:00 pm, I am in.

hi buddy...4.5 kinda dude at richmond....doubles specialist although singles is possible too...formerly an active tournament player...we should arrange something out...letz hook up if u wanna


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