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I am a beginner getting back to tennis (played for a while years ago and stopped). I am taking lessons from a teacher right now and looking for opportunities to play more. I am located in Dublin/Pleasanton/San Ramon area and available on weekends. If there is any group that I can join or anyone one interested, please let me know. Thanks in advance!



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I used to play years ago and got back into tennis a couple or few months ago. I am free evenings after 5 p.m., Sunday mornings, Saturdays I am on call and once in a while have to leave on a moments notice, but not too often on Saturday mornings, Sometimes I am free, Monday Afternoons. After 4:30 on Friday Afternoons. The Doctor says I must loose 100 lbs, exercise 1 hour a day and eat a special diet to keep my occupation.  I have lost 25 lbs in 3 months - 75 more to go.  I hike, rock climb, glacier travere, ice climb, geocache, walk, push scooter, jog, go to the gym.  If its defined as exercise, I can probably do it. (want to fence, swim, cycle) Golf does not sound like an exercise I want to do - its above my pay grade. I used to run across the tops of Box Cars near the Blue Mountains. I now operate a 2,100 passenger train into a mega major international Airport. My Team have carried 30,000,000 million passengers to an International Airport.  I was on the tunnel testing team about 11 years ago.

Hi Elwin,

Great. I need more practice outside the lessons. I can play on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (mornings sometimes, but depends). What location are you in?



I work in Concord days and Saturday and Sunday mornings usually free and sometimes Monday mornings or afternoons are free.  I live in Solano County outside Vallejo over some hills in Cordelia Junction.  I have playes as far south as Oakland hills. (My first girl friend near Napa had a much younger sister named Amy, :-)  I have five sisters, no brothers and 6 daughters and a son.  The doctor gave me a stress test and said I will not die of too much exercise, But to keep my license I have to exercise an hour a day minimum so I can stay off the insulin as a diabetic.  I drive a 2,100 passenger train and I really really really need to keep my job so I need to find a pool of exercise buddies.  Most guys I play are too challenging, but I jog with an 11 year old house mate girl and can almost keep up and play tennis with a new tennis player, 30 year old mom of the girl who just finished a triathlon, so she smokes me in running, bike and swimming for now and probably the next 5 years.  My Grandma lived to be 104 and I am going to try for 125, (ha ha, LOL) but if I get lots of people who will give me a break and exercise with me at various sports I will have a chance at it at least, LOL ;-)

A little more about me:

I am Married so his is platonic. My wife is in France, I am in SF Bay Area.  She had knee problems so cant, rock climb, play tennis, push scooter, repel, fence (swords), fast walk, Jog.  Many people could out walk and run me because I am 60.  But I like the challenge of trying to keep up to improve my health.  In 3 months of exercising, cutting back on food, I have lost 30 pounds.  I am the most interesting man in the world you will probably ever meet this year at least.

A real person? Yup. I like to play at tennis.  I can return volleys unless they are competition type hard returns.  The doctor ordered me to exercise an hour a day to keep my license. I used to play tennis in my early 20's and started back at 59.  I just turned 60.  I also push scooter, rock climb on artificial walls (used to do real rock climbing starting at 16 in Vallejo, Napa County, North Eastern Oregon). Geocache/hiking, walk.  I am open to new kinds of exercising as long as its not bungie jumping, jumping out of airplanes, etc.  I have had an interesting life running across the tops of train cars, turning hand brakes and occasionally ditching some grain cars that are not slowing as fast as I'd like and tumbling into  the dirt in the Blue Mountain and Burnt River Mountain area.  I have Ice climbed and Glacier walked with an ice axe and boot crampons (ice spikes). Swimming in river pools and Looking for real action with a co-conspirator of the out doors.

I held an Oscar once on its way to see George Lucas and I was an elected politician once and saw the dirty politics I loath from behind the scenes. I have seen the illusions on Democracy from your side and the reality from the other side where great populations and even many elected officials have had the controls of government ripped out of their hands with and without them knowing it. I met people "who do not exist, saw powers at work that do not exist, and saw the real side of history that does not exist in your school text books and never will."  We are but pawns in a game of power on a global scale.  There is a solution.  But people have been conditioned to sleep and not care from birth.  I do not think people can be awoken in time.

On windy cold nights in Cordelia (always windy here in the summer, ha ha) I goof around with letters, Cryptology, fountain pens and sealing wax to seal my letters, the Internet or a TV show I have previously taped on science or history of writing.  I'm full of stories for an interesting life on the railroad in the mountains, in subways and on trains and my life is not half over I hope.  Was hit by a drunk driver once head-on and survived with only two broken legs and a broken arm.  I got to have an adventure in a wheel chair for a while to see how that part of humanity lived.  It was an educating adventure into learning my limits and taking on challenges a bit greater every day.Got into a wheel chair accident with a Railroad crossing gate and a too narrow side walk.  I appreciate the challenges of being disabled for a while - so  appreciate the needs of the disabled as they try to be independent, 8 months later, all healed up. I am on a Community Emergency Response team now and am their Radio man, it assists the fire department and uses their facilities for training so physical fitness is a must in Emergencies.

I have a few grand kids aged children 3 and under I interact with, which is fun, but I need getting out in the out doors buddies, male or female who challenge me, have patience with me as I get better at sports.  I think Soccer or basket ball would be too intense for me now but maybe later. But I physically play sports with people one half to one sixth my age and younger so if you are age prejudice you might not like me, but don't let the excuse of He can't keep up worry you.  I can much of the time and I am getting better at it each day.  I have never smoked (except in a forest fire I was locally drafted to fight because our Oregon town was going to burn up), never drank alcohol, so lets see if I can spring into good aerobic health can take place faster than if I had done all those things in the past.

So give me a chance to play and I will do my best.  Not saying you will always like me to play with you but I want a chance whever you can't find a partner.  Thank you for your consideration!



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