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Hey all!
I'm a 23 year old guy (not that that really matters) looking for a 3.0ish hitting partner in the Concord area. Just getting back in to the game after a semester off. My schedule's pretty flexible for the time being. Down for either singles or doubles.

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I'm around a 4.0 female looking for people to hit with after work evenings around 6:30 p.m. weekdays mostly.  I work down the street from Concord Community Park (Cowell Park most people call it), so that's convenient.  Willow Pass is okay, too.  I live in Pittsburg right off Bailey, but it's always very windy over there.

If you don't mind taking it a little easy on me, Cowell Park is perfect! My plans vary from week to week, but I don't have any permanent engagements on weeknights either!

Well, technically they say a female 4.0 is roughly equivalent to a male 3.5, and since you're a bit younger than I am, I thought things would even out.  So, let's rally and see how it goes.  I'm free tonight after work around 6:30.  Let me know if you're interested.  Or message me your cell # so we can exchange numbers, and we can play it by ear.

Haha fair enough. And I could do tonight.

My number's (925)202-9205.

Thanks!  I'll text you now.

Just letting you know my phone battery died.  I am leaving work now.  Just gotta change clothes first...  be there in a few.

I have no rating that I know of. I used to play years ago and got back into tennis a couple or few months ago. I am free evenings after 5 p.m., Sunday mornings, Saturdays I am on call and once in a while have to leave on a moments notice, but not too often on Saturday mornings, Sometimes I am free, Monday Afternoons. After 4:30 on Friday Afternoons. The Doctor says I must loose 100 lbs, exercise 1 hour a day and eat a special diet to keep my occupation.  I have lost 25 lbs in 3 months - 75 more to go.  I hike, rock climb, glacier travere, ice climb, geocache, walk, push scooter, jog, go to the gym.  If its defined as exercise, I can probably do it. (want to fence, swim, cycle) Golf does not sound like an exercise I want to do - its above my pay grade. I used to run across the tops of Box Cars near the Blue Mountains. I now operate a 2,100 passenger train into a mega major international Airport. My Team have carried 30,000,000 million passengers to an International Airport.  I was on the tunnel testing team about 11 years ago.

Hi Chris,

Saw your post and was wondering if you're stlll looking for a hitting partner.  I live in downtown Walnut Creek and would like to be able to hit more frequently during the week.  I'm about a 3.0 as well, very easy going (not very serious) but really interested in improving my game.  I'm available most afternoons (after 4pm) and most weekend. Let me know.



Hey there, Anton.
I'm just about to start fall semester and don't know how busy I'm going to be, but if I have some free time, I would happy to hit with you.
Kind of main thing though is that I'll be located in Danville instead of Concord though, if that's a issue.

Hey Chris,

Great to hear from you.  Yes, let me know.  

Danville is great, actually.  I have access to a private court in San Ramon, which would be closer to you than if you were coming from Concord.  




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