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Hi. I'm new to the game and interested in hitting a few.  I recently played in Dallas and was rated (by experienced friends) as about a 3.0 or 3.5.  My serve leaves a bit to be desired though;)  I'm pretty athletic so can rally for a while, but I'm no Serena.  Not yet, at least.

Interested in a hitting partner who can meet up Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Fridays. I work in Wash Park so could meet up over lunch on those days... or same days after 5pm.

Not interested in serious competition yet, but moreso interested in working on my game and improving my skills.

Let me know if you're interested in meeting up.

Also, know an instructor who is certified to teach lessons? Are you? Please send info. I'm interested in one-on-one instruction in Wash Park, Congress Park, or City Park.

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I have been looking for someone to hit with on a regular basis for a while now and just found this site. I think I'm about a 3.5, maybe a little better or a little worse depending on the day. I live about a mile from City Park.  How about we meet up there around 5:30 on Friday and see if it's a good match?

Thanks for your reply! I'd love to, but this Friday won't work for me - I already have other plans and am pretty booked through the weekend.  Next week sometime?  Do you happen to know the scheduling of the City Park courts?  Are there lessons or leagues that reserve them for periods of time?  I've briefly looked online so as to not waste time heading over there only to find they're booked, but can't find much information.  Let me know if next Tues, Weds, or Friday work for you.

Any or all of those days would be good after 5:00pm or so. I don't know the City Park schedule, but I'm going for a run around there this evening, and I'll see if I can find anything out. There's tons of courts in the area, so I'm sure we can find something.

Nice. Find anything out about City Park? I'm free next Friday eve after 5pm. Also, I work in Wash Park and saw that the courts were open last night at 5pm. Maybe it's another venue that'd be good. I'll try to ride by the courts tonight to see what's posted. Let me know if next Friday works for you.

I forgot to look for a schedule at City Park, but all the courts were full when I ran by around 6:00.

I can play at Wash Park next Friday. I probably won't make it there before about 5:30, but after that, I'm game.

There's also courts at Lyndsley and Congress parks, and East High School,

Let's try Congress Park at 5:30pm next Friday. Work for you? My phone number is 303.458.5770. Text me when you're there and we'll meet up. I'll try and head by there sometime before then to make sure they aren't reserved. See you next week.

Bad news, Garrett. I injured my knee this weekend in a soccer tournament... not sure what the damage is yet, I'll go the doctor tomorrow... will let you know if Friday will still work, but for now I'm thinking I'll be out of activities for a while. I'll keep your phone number in the hopes that I'll be back 'up and running' soon. Sorry.


Hi claire!

welcome to tennisopolis!

I would be interested in playing with you.  I am pretty good, about,  a 3.5 or so and looking for just some nice hitting around and at the same time improving my game in the process, but I ma also ok with giving good tennis tips as I used to be coached for quite a while in the past.

I mainly play in city park or wash park and it would prob in sometime after 5:30pm if interested.

Let me know!  Take care,



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