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Hi Everyone! 
Last year I tried to get together a few Round Robins:
I am wondering if there is any interest, this year instead, in a sponsored flex league.  Sponsored=free or low-low cost for a lot of tennis, and meeting other tennisopolis members.

This would be through my contacts at The Jackie Cooper Tennis Club - I am the yoga teacher there (only two hours a week) and an on-campus resident.  

The map to our local is on the web-page, but we are 3 blocks west of Washington on Country Club Drive, smack in the middle of the Palm Desert Resort.

For those unfamiliar with flex-league, you simple get a schedule and are required to play your matches with your partners on your own times.  It happens over the course of a few weeks and the main goal is to get you playing a lot and meeting up with a mix of fellow players. 

First I wanted to find out how much interest there might be.  It seems there is enough interest already, so please, sign up/comment in the area below. 

Comments?  Questions? Fire Away!

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I'd definately be interested in 4.0
ok we could do that - keep the ideas coming!

We were thinking it wouldn't be men's and woman's or anything silly like that: Just purely ability.

We are shooting, for example, for January, etc. As it is a local event, the thought is it would be best after the holidays.
I am in if it is singles. How do we get this trending Jay?
Hi, I've never participated in a Flex League, but have read about them, and they sound great. Would be interested in knowing more if it seems you might get one going. I'm assuming it would start after the first of the year. I'm a self-rated NTRP 3.5. I live in Cathedral City and don't have any "home court" but can travel. Let me know.
Ok folks, an update: there def. is also more interest here on this side, so we will just be taking names and hoping that after the major rush of the holidays, that the timing seems right. So... After new years?

Thinking that there are more 4.0 players and also maybe 4.5 so I'll make the the heading a bit different.

The folks at the club are pretty accommodating and I enjoy pulling things like this off... happy to hear people's interest.

- James
I'm game for a 3.5 player in Palm Desert or surrounding areas.
This would be of interest. There are 2 of us in the 3.5 range. We are in Palm Springs. Will be gone for the holidays about the 14th of Dec. and back in early Jan.

My name is Doug Hartgerink and I live in P.S. from Nov to May and then leave to my other home in Michigan.
I play tennis at a 3.5 to 4.0 level and have been playing in the valley for the last 12 years. I also, ski, hike, bike,
and love being active. I have a tennis partner who plays at my level and we're looking for matches in the valley
starting in Jan ( we both go home for the holidays). We'll be happy to come your way or if you want we have tennis courts
in our complex at Mesquite Country club in P.S.

Please email if you have an interest in meeting us and playiing some serious tennis.

Doug Hartgerink
OK Guys and Gals, I forward all these contacts, below, to Susan Mattson, our social director, who's willing to try to do something with this - don't be shocked if you hear from her.

We have several flex opportunities and some straight-out games.

Also I will post this - but the club has put together both mens and women's round robin one day a week each. It's half the cost of a typical playing day (a hefty $5 )

I would be very interested. I just moved to the area and would like to start playing again on a regular basis.



Hi James,

I know this is an old post but are you still doing this???. I am new to the area and looking for Tennis contacts and playing.




I would like to sign up


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