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Join us for Wednesday meet ups at Ben Davis High School.  Looking to start a pickup doubles and singles group to play at Ben Davis a couple times a week.  Right now, we have two people agreeing to meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.  We would love to get as many people as we can to just hit around, play doubles, or singles.  All players welcome (preferrably 3.0 or higher).  Meet us over by the court that has the hitting board.


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I'm in charge of two groups here in South Florida. One group plays Mon - Wed and Fri 7:30 - 10:30am and has been playing nearly 30 years, although none of the original players are still playing.

The other groups plays at a regional park on Saturday Mornings. We usually get somewhere between 12 and 16 people showing up.

If you are interested I can send you the rules that we use that keeps it friendly and fun with no hard feelings.

Here are the rules that we use:

1. Pair up as partners in the order that people drive up.

2. If there are less than 3 courts playing and there is anyone waiting then only play to 4 games. When one team wins 4 games then winners stay and split and losers leave.

3. If 3 or more courts are in play or no one is waiting then play a full set. If the set goes to 6 - 6 then play a tie breaker. Again, winners stay and split and losers leave.

4. One of the winners spins his racquet to see which of the new players is his/her partner. You may not pick and choose who your partner is, neither may you finish a set and try to wait for a better partner. This system works when we treat each other with respect.

5. New players enter in the order of who has been waiting the longest. If two players have been waiting the same amount of time then they spin to see who comes in.

6. If all courts are in play and there are 3 or more people waiting then the 2 set rules goes into effect. So if you have played two sets in a row without having to wait and there are 3 or more people waiting then you leave the court to make room for people who are waiting. This means that even if you are a winner you may need to leave if 3 or more people are waiting. The winner will have priority over the losers in line for the next court.

7. As people start to leave there may come a time when there are no longer 3 courts in play. At such a time the players who are already playing on the two remaining courts should continue to play a regular set to 6 games. Any further sets should be played to 4 games if there are people waiting.

Thanks Eric.  I appreciate your outlining the rules.  I have a friend who is part of a Dallas Meetup and I was planning to ask him to outline their rules.  You've been a great help.


Can you explain what you mean by split?  Do you mean that partners split up at the end of their set and play with the 2 other waiting players as their new partner?



yes, the winners stay on the court but play against ea ch other for the next set.



I'll be there Vea can't wait to get playing!



If it's not raining, we'll be playing at Ben Davis High School today at 6:30 p.m.  Hope to see you there!



Do you want me to publicize your regular tennis time and place?



Hi Eric.  Yes, that would be good.  Hopefully, we can get some more people to come out and join us.  Thanks!



I made plane reservation to fly from Florida to Indianapolis to visit my daughter July 1-9.

Will there be any tennis happening that week that you know of? At Ben Davis High School? Anywhere else?


Do you think you will be3 playing Monday, JULY 4th at 16th and Fall creek?

Eric- I will be playing in a tennis tournament on the 4th  in Indianapolis at North Central High. It's a MidTac tournament.  However, I'm not leading the 16th street meetup.  Jay is heading that up and it is likely that he will still play.



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