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Open Tennis - Free - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning in Broad Ripple

What: Open "pick-up" Tennis
Days: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, beginning Friday, May 8th, 2009

Time: Approximately 8:00am - 10:00am.

Venue : At the public courts in Broad Ripple Park, 1550 Broad Ripple Ave. But keep in mind that the access to the tennis courts is off of Evanton Ave. Just drive north a couple blocks on Evanstone and you will see the 4 courts on the left.

Who: This is for all intermidiate and above players of any age or gender. This is not for beginners.

Area: Indianapolis

Cost: Free
Contact: Eric Buetens (772) 546-6633

This is pick-up tennis. Everyone is invited. There is no cost. Just bring a can of balls from time to time

Here are the rules we have used sucessfully with another group:
1. Pair up as partners in the order that people drive up. The first two to arrive get to serve first.

2. If there are less than 3 courts playing and there is anyone waiting then
only play to 4 games. When one team wins 4 games then winners stay and split
and losers leave.

3. If 3 or more courts are in play or no one is waiting then play a full
set. If the set goes to 6 - 6 then play a tie breaker. Again, winners stay
and split and losers leave.

4. One of the winners spins his racquet to see which of the new players is
his/her partner. You may not pick and choose who your partner is, neither
may you finish a set and try to wait for a better partner. This system works
when we treat each other with respect. Spin the racquet to see which teem serves first.

5. New players enter in the order of who has been waiting the longest. If
two players have been waiting the same amount of time then they spin to see
who comes in.

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This sounds like fun. I live in the area. May I join in? Terrance 260-715-3307
2.5 player ok?

It's okay with me,


I will be coming up from Bloomington tomorrow and will try to get to BR.Ripple as soon as I can. Probably closer to 10 than to 8.
I am an average player. Hope to see some people out.

Eric, would it be feasible from the turn out and interests you have been getting to also have one after 6pm, or even on the weekends?
Vinh Dang,

Possibly. Maybe you should pick a time in the evening on the weekend and post it on Tennisopolis and see if you can generate enough interest to get things rolling.


Looks like you have got quite a bit of interest in this group. I'd like to talk to you about getting involved with the Indy Tennis League. I think it could be a good opportunity for you, and for your contacts. The match locations are convenient northside locations including Broadripple Park.

Check out 2 sites...

Wish you the best; and hope to hear from you...


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