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Looking to hit/play sets in the richmond,el ceriito, berkley, el sob area. 3.0-3.5 -mornings

Hey I have been at tennis for a little while and I just re located to Richmond. my favorite court is canyon trail. I need people to play with. Im between 3.0,3.5 so thats 3.25 right ;-) if you are above 3.5 and want to hit with me I would love to play as well, I'm well aware that playing with better people makes you better.  Id love to hit or play sets. Im generally free weekday mornings.

shoot me an email

lets play!

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 Free mornings like you,  not rated.  I'd be happy to meet up with you

in Berkeley or Albany  (closer than Richmond or El Cerrito) any weekday

morning and see if we're a good match.   Thanks,  Jessie Ortiz

      jessieortiz8  at    gmail

Hey Jessie, I too am free in the mornings and would gladly go to Berkeley or Albany to hit. Let me know...

I'm free some Tuesday mornings and some Thursday mornings. 3.0 to 3.5 player. Albany. Would love to hit.


 Didn't see the reply - this website makes me crazy.  And I'd really

be happy to get together & hit with you.  Mornings are good - as

is Berkeley or Albany.  My real email is:

   jessieortiz8  at   gmail.  That way I'll see your answer.   Jessie

I'm free some Tuesday mornings and some Thursday mornings and some evenings. 3.0 to 3.5 player. Albany. Would love to hit.


 Happy to come to Albany - not sure which courts you refer

to.  I'm also an Advanced Beginner - and prefer to hit.  Not

to play actual games. (Can't really serve: rotator cuff).

But I can hit & am strategic.  

 Hope we can get together some morning.     Jessie

Hey, I live on the Richmond/El Sobrante border, have days available-early am on is good-and am about 3.5. I'm playing tomorrow, so any day from Monday on, let me know...
Hope to meet and hit some tennis balls.

sent you a PM Bill. Id love to hit.

Still looking for people to hit with. Shoot me an email.
Hi Alex, I like playing at the court in Tiller Park but happy to go elsewhere.

How early in the morning? I get up late, free any time. I live in El Cerrito, 1 mile to the canyon trail. Sometimes pratice there, most at Castro Park. I am available on Tue,Thur or weekend (Other days I have to walk). I guess I am about 3.0.

I'm an advanced beginner, let me know if interested. Also Albany or Moeser courts too. Thanks


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