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Here's a link to that blog post I did with the Welcome Code.
You can use all of it or part of it. It's flexible. I like to look where people are from and what they are into and customize it for that. Like if they are into current pros like Ivanovic or Tsonga for instance, I will definitely tell them to check out the Forum (which I'd like to get more active.)


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Hi all just curious on how new members are responding to your welcomes. For the most part I've found they are accepting me as a friend and since the message is a guide, it is self explanatory and they rarely come back to chat. unless we are in the same city. Just a comment on that. Thanks.

Interesting. So do you think the Welcome message should be more arcane?
Are we making it too easy fo rinstance? Any other ideas on how to make it better?
Oh, it is very simple and useful. I remember feeling very important when I read the one you posted :) it's nice to see a community welcome you so quickly. I still haven't heard back from some of the group leaders. Any advice on how to approach them? I tried emailing the entire local group at once but still haven't seen anything.

I think welcome notes should be refreshed from time to time. How do you feel about it?

teress, by "refreshed welcomes" do you mean...
go back to membes pages that haven't been here in a little while and drop another nice note on their page?
Hi T,
What do you mean by "refreshed"?

Everyone, I could use some "welcome wagon" help right about now. :-)
Hey Mark! Is it okay to just do a personal welcome? I like to read what they are about, point them in the right direction, and comment on where they are from. This way, they might be more apt to get back in touch with us! The best part about your welcome is that you always add a personal touch! I think that makes people feel special!
Amy, You are absolutely right! The personal touch is key to make folks feel at home and get them using the site. Thanks for your help. I'm running uphill and the personal touch takes too much time if you are doing thousands of them. But for a few a day, it is not a problem. Each little comment only takes a minute.
I didn't get a welcome message. I feel so snubbed....the welcome is definitely a good thing and it looks like you've covered the bases to link to all the good features, however, whenever I click on any of the links in the email the site wants me to re-authenticate.

I posted a link under About Tennisopolis section in the forum that may have been better here.

Thanks for the site.
I corrected the linking problem and uploaded an updated .txt file into the Welcome Wagon code blog. Check it out.

I just updated the Welcome Wagon again to reflect that we now have 37,000 members and it also asks new members to support our facebook page.


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