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One of the original Tennisopolites, I have just moved here from Tallahassee, FL, looking for full-time work (update: hired! =D).


I used to play for 7 years, but need to get back into the swing of things.


Here is my contact info if anyone ever wants to play, I am available until my new job starts on the 18th, which is M-F 9-5/6 training for six weeks, so I'm available pretty much all other times except Friday night and Saturday during the day.


I am located in Anderson Mill AND Mopac / 1.



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Hey Andrew!  Congrats on your move to Austin - one of my very favorite cities in the world!  Enjoy!

Thanks, Mark!

I love it here.

Everyone should live in Austin as far as I'm concerned. It's the most unique place I've ever been to. I love everything about it, all the scooters, the local businesses, local food joints, outdoor activities, I could go on forever LOL.

Enjoy the smoking hot summer!

Also, I got a question, why are you selling stuff AFTER you move?   Isn't it normally the other way around?!?!?

Need $ - still paying rent over yonder! Plus, I'd like to get restrung =)

Hey Andrew, welcome to Austin. Don't really need any stuff, but I'd be down for some hitting.

Let me know if you ever want to hit.

Thank you, and thankfully everything has pretty much been sold (and got a job!), minus the gaming computer and two Wii games lol.


Just hit at Cedar Park High last night with my buddy's ex-wife's racquet that had tight strings (both of mine are in desperate need of being restrung or new strings), and man, was that a confidence booster, was worried that it was more than my racquets needing help (thought I lost my game!). So, I went ahead and bought it off of him for $20 LOL, now I don't have to get anything restrung until I get some income going!


So, long story short, I'm down for some hitting myself, literally wide open schedule other than unavailable Fri. night and Saturday until Sat. night.


Then starting on the 18th, I'm free after 5:30 or 6:30 pm M-T, (not avail. any Fri. night, or Saturday day.), and available all day Sunday.


Hit me up fellow Tennisopolites!  (Prefer free courts!)


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