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Who: Erwin, Greg, Rod, Scott, Tyler, myself

Who else: Any ideas? Julius is out for this meeting.

What: Doubles on one court and singles/rallying on another

Where: Mahany Park next to Woodcreek High School in Roseville

When: Tuesday Night @ 7 p.m.

Why: To practice and compete in some matches. Some emphasis on proactive communication with your partner and doubles strategy. Oh, and have fun! We all know each other so a some trash talk is certainly welcome and expected, but always. . . always put forth your best game.

Other: If we need two courts and you get there before the rest of us, please try to hold down two courts next to each other. Also, I'm hoping to set another solid group of dubs so it's a bit easier to change it up.

See you there,

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Hey Erghe,

You got Rod to play Tuesday! Awesome, he can work on his backhand returns. Greg and I killed him on the backhand side on Saturday.

See ya Tuesday!
I will be there - Me and my back hand (Scotts right it needs some work)
Well, we have some work to do! I thought we were working on implementing a 1h forehand. Should we just chalk up the rest of Rod's game for a tear-down and technical redevelopment? J/K.

I do think we could provide some technical adjustments for some strokes of your game as well as refining some shot selection. I've been halfway serious about changing to the 1h forehand, but a lob return (for both sides) would be my top suggestion. It works right into your strong net game. So does the aggressive slice, but this is a much higher percentage. Tyler uses his frequently so we can observe how (technical) and when (shot selection) he uses it. I've been working on it a bit myself because it's particularly effective against players that like pace. I'll leave it at that 'til Tuesday.

Welcome to the group, Rod. Now you know what you've gotten yourself into. =D
On Saturday, Julius and I were playing on the court next to Junius. He's got a strong serve and forehand. Backhand looked technically sound and, most of all, he was a really nice guy. (If you've played against Arleen, you may realize how difficult this can be to maintain.) I could see his approach shots and net game being somewhat weaker aspects. I hope one of us gets to play against him on Saturday so we can get more of a feel for this player who could fill in our 8th slot.

Did you guys see him play or warm up? Any impressions of him already?


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