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I just moved to San Antonio, TX and need the hitting partner(s) in North Central areas (3.5 - 4.0)

Hi, All

I am new in San Antonio, just moved from Austin, TX. I need to play tennis at least 2X in weekdays. I  play regularly in here and in very good shape. I need a hitting partner or two or three and we can play doubles if possible. I settle down in North Central San Antonio (Thousand Oaks). Let me know if you are interested, e-mail me to: [edit: please share private info via PM or Friend Request]


Frank Fischer

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Hi Frank,

I moved here several years ago and had the same challenges of finding out where the tennis players are. Shoot me a call if you like and I can go over some of your options in the city. 

Joe Corwin


I am very happy in getting your quick response, I definitely will call you. I will be in North Central (between I-410 and 1604 corridor to the East of 281). I don't know the areas that have tennis courts, I am sure that you know better and can guide me. Where do you live? We could work out to the courts that are convenient for both of us.

I am still actively playing here up North Austin -  Round Rock area. I will be playing this evening and tomorrow morning as well here. I am very determined player and always keep my appointments. I am hoping you will be my good tennis partner in San Antonio.



Hi Frank,

Sounds great. I am very serious about my tennis as well. Had a bad fall a couple of weeks ago during a playoff game and nearly broke my leg on a wet spot on the court. Doctor told me to rest for a bit and plan to be ready to get back at it after the first of the year.



I plan to stay overnight in San Antonio on Jan 1, 2013. I can play in the morning / noon time with you on Jan 2nd if you won't work, after that I will drive North to Round Rock in the evening. Let me know if you want to hit the balls, what time and what courts so that we can get to know each other.


I will be working this coming weeks (Jan 7 - 12, 2013), I think to meet you hitting the balls and getting acquaintance with you. I live in Thousand Oaks area (just South off 1604 & 281). Let me know if you are available to meet me: what day, time, and where.

I think the weather permits us to play next week, it won't be too cold.



Hi Frank,

I've had the same problem for some time, now. I've not been able to practice nearly as much as I'd like, and I'd be glad to meet with you and hit sometime! Anytime after 3 pm is great on weekdays, weekends are open! I'll be back in town Friday (1/11) Let me know!

Cedric S.

I appreciate your response. Let set up for next week though since I am still living in 2 places (on weekends in Round Rock & on weekdays in SA). In SA I live in Thousand Oaks (NC SA). I am ready to hit balls (all gears is in my trunk).

The nearest public court that I know of is Oak Haven. We have to find the lighted courts since it's getting dark early. I don't have much experience in SA, could you suggest the lighted public courts?



I live by UTSA, off of Hausman road. We could try to meet in the middle...? This link shows every tennis court in San Antonio (, so let me know where you'd like to try and meet. 

Could you check Jackson Middle & Eisenhower Middle Schools? Lights are available or not? Any accesses?

Both locations are listed as public and lighted. We could try either of them.

Fine, will you be in town 1/11 in the afternoon? Wanna play before I will go North? I can set time after work probably around 6:00 - 6:15 PM in Eisenhower Middle School. We can hit for about 1 - 1.5 hours.

I should be back around mid-afternoon, so 6:00 would be just fine.


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