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I live near Golf Course and Paseo and would prefer someplace close to that area. There are free courts in the area. I would also be willing to meet at the Tennis/Swimming complex near Montano and Taylor Ranch. I don't really care to drive farther than that.

Although I love to compete, I am not competitive. I don't care if I win or lose. I am playing for the joy of it. I do however play to win. With that being said, I invite any skill level to reply assuming you will be able to hit most balls back. Of course, I prefer a challenge for the betterment of my game so I welcome 3.5-4.0 player response. Whether you are a better or worse player than me personality will prove more important anyway.

I am not sure what people mean when they say "looking to hit". I am looking to play. I will have enough time per night to spend a little time warming up and then play a set or two. 2 / 3 hours, 2 / 3 times a week.

A small group would be great if there is enough interest in this part of town.

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Hello Angelo,

I'm a 3.0 player on the west side who would like to play on weds. evenings. I'll be away for two weeks in early June but can play immediately after that. Email me if you would at so we can share contact info etc.




I live in near that park and looking to get back into the game. We should play sometime.


I am free most evenings this week. When is good for you?

I played with Clint once before he left for his trip. Good times.

-I reply here rather than through personal message in an attempt to encourage others to join our casual westside group.

Angelo, Thanks! I was planning on getting some time with a ball machine this weekend, before we plan a day to play since I haven't even casually hit in years. I don't want to waste anyone's time if you know what I mean.

If your curious and want to hit a few, join us this evening. You wont be wasting anyone's time.

Otherwise...standing by...



I live a couple miles west of you near Volcano Vista HS.  I am a 3.0-3.5 player. 29 years old, very good shape.  I am free on evenings and weekends.  I am out of town the 13-23 of this month.  If you want to play tomorrow night, I can or when I get back.  You can email me at 


Tomorrow is good for me. Perhaps Lorenza will want to join us? Lorenzo...

Angelo, John,

Free any evenings this coming week (Irving / eagle ranch or Sierra vista).

I think Angelo is on vacation. I might be able to. I will let you know. I am playing in the tournament on the 4th at Jerry Cline.
I just signed up for the tourney too. Don't know what I was thinking.....why not I guess? Lo
Sweet! It'll be a good time.

Anyone want to Anyone?

Call me if you have my number or reply here if you are someone new.


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