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Hey everyone,


I'm a 3.5 or so player (female in early 20's), and I just moved to ABQ from the East Coast about 2 weeks ago. I know very few people in the city so far, and I'd love to find someone about the same level to rally or play with around here. I live very close to Altura Park courts, but other places are fine too.


Hope to hear from potential tennis buddies soon!

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I am a 3.5 player in his mid-20's and am always looking for people to play with!


Call or text me at [edit by Mod - please share private info via PM if necessary - thanks] and we can set something up.

I generally play at Jerry Cline tennis courts in the Uptown area.




Hi Tamara-I have played at Altura courts alot-I like the setting-great park! I am 3.5 level-not working sight now-email me at [edit: please share private info via PM or Friend Request]


I'm Jason, a 4.0 player, a play out of High Point (Sports and Wellness), some of the best courts in town, a really cool place to play, esp, this time of year, in the evenings, great socail life, people bring snacks, wine, and  Near Tramway and Montgomery.


I have some guest passes to get you might be able to get a deal with membership to get a discounted rate for a month just to try it profile is on this site...I have a lot of free time and I would be happy to get you answer any questions you have about ABQ...welcome!  Call or text also....[edit: please share private info via PM or Friend Request] .


Jason profile is listed FYI

Hey Tamara,


I'm Ran, and as someone who's also lived on the East Coast (for a few years, anyway), before coming to the Land of Enchantment, I welcome you to Albuquerque! Hope your transition has been going well. I'm a 4.0 player who's always looking for an excuse (reasonable or unreasonable, doesn't matter!) to play tennis, and I happen to live within walking distance of Altura Park, where I've played often. I've played quite a bit of mixed doubles - local flex league, summer mixed doubles league - so I'd be able to scrounge up some mixed doubles action, if you're ever interested, and, of course, I'm always good for some singles! (Because of my mixed doubles connections, I might also be able to help you find a women's league team on which to play, if you're ever interested in anything like that.) Drop me an e-mail some time - I'm at [edit: please share private info via PM or Friend Request] . I'm generally free in the evenings on weekdays, during which times I like to play under the lights at Jerry Cline. I'm also free during the day on Fridays and the weekends; Altura Park works great for me then.


Have a good one and have fun playing tennis!



You interested in playing a match sometime?


Would you like to hit around sometime?  Let me know...[edit: please share private info via PM or Friend Request] .  

I haven't played in like 6 years, but I'll hit with ya if you want. I'm guessing I'm at like a 3.5 level, but I won't know until I get in a rally. Let me know if you're interested.


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