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What would you have done? What should you do? Give me your thoughts please!

Two very high level tennis players Super Champs  have been setup at the club to do match practice next to 4 gentlemen playing dbls. The two kids are under your supervision but you are sitting outside the court fence just watching from afar.  One of them starts to hit their racket on the ground every time he is mad, you are embarrassed but you look the other way, its not your son. Then he throws the racket out of the fence in anger. The gentlemen on the other court start to yell.

If its not your kid but one of them is what do you do? Do you call their parent? Do you tell them to get off the court? Do you just sit there and ignore it and look the other way? What should you do? You are the adult watching, what should you do???

I did what I had to but I want to get your input.  This just happened last night!

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Interesting question.  To me, it depends what my relationship with the kids is.  Am I there to watch them, do I know them, etc?  If I don't know them at all, I think the men playing next to them have more responsibility than someone random that just happens to be around. If no one says anything, I would probably call the boy over to the fence and have a word through the fence and try to calm him down. 

If I know them, I'm absolutely getting involved.


Good insight Mark, thank you! I know the kid very well and my son's played him many times at Super Champ tourney and at the club just practice matches that we parents setup randomly. Got a reputation of hitting the racquet on the ground and flinging it, kicking it and throwing over the fence, have also seen coaches correct him at the club but the behavior repeats itself.  Very very good tennis player ranked pretty high. I usually never get involved as I don't have to, but in this case I was the adult watching so I called the parent since there was a doubles match with adults going on right next to them. The kid was upset with me that I told on him, but I felt very uncomfortable and had to since my son was playing against him. I'd rather his parent was there than me.  Usually 2 high level players just play, work it out, a few grunts of frustrations, a little scream, some yelling at themselves in anger...etc...the usual stuff (harmless), I am able to just take off and let them play.  Parent was understanding and told me he was glad I called him and next time feel free to tell him to stop. I don't like having to tell other's kids how to behave...they have played enough tourney's and competed enough to know what proper court etiquette is.  Sometimes very good junior tennis players at academy and club level, skills and winning are taken into higher consideration than sportsmanship and sadly it is overlooked over and over again where it becomes a tolerated habitual behavior. It is a very uncomfortable situation to be in.

Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

I think the kid needs someone to talk to him before he gets in trouble. And not with his parents, because if they were any good he would understand by now that throwing a racket randomly where people are can get his ass kicked by those strangers.

Don't actually explain much, just ask him why he gets so angry and tell him to 'take it easy'.

Definitely right Lana, kid needs someone other than parent to talk to him, agreed, especially if his behavior is not changing.  However, as parents we are responsible for how our kids behave while they live under our guidance so telling his dad and talking to his dad about his behavior on court, "is just not an acceptable behavior" did work. Kid played my son again after that match and he behaved much better. The hope is that his behavior keeps improving or it will be detrimental in the long run.


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