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I am thinking the streak stops in Rome.  I just think it is all going to be too much for him to handle.  A person doesn't change from being mentally fragile to mentally indestructible in a matter of a couple of months.  I just don't see it continueing.  Any thoughts....?

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As Obama said but not fallowed.....WE NEED CHANGE ....Djokovic did not say but DID IT.

He changed a lot in his approach and some things in his technical game.

Result is here. New player with different approach to the games challenges and pressure.

Everyone watching  his games noticed that.

So why to think about loosing when you do a good stuff in order to win ?

As of today there is three more matches to even Mc Enroes record for the season start of 42 consecutive wins and 5 more to even Villas record for winning streak anytime(46). is 41 wins with 39 of them in 2011.

Next is Del Potro and I honestly think if Novak plays his standard game of this days that it should not be a problem at all in spite media pumping that duel.

Go Nole, give us some more joy and tennis lessons at a really professional level.

He'll lose in the final of the French to Soderling :)

lesson number 42 ...:-))


Go Nole.

Two more to get Mc Enroes record and four more to get Vilas record.




Soderling ?

No cnance...:-))

I totally agree.  Rafa doesn't lose to Soderling in the quarters.  I will be surprised if Nole beats Fed the way he is playing right now.  Then if he does beat Fed, I don't think he can go back to back and beat Rafa.
I hope that Nole loses to Federer next.  I think Roger is playing very well, he hasn't even dropped a set  in the Roland Garros so far this year.  Go Roger!  Don't let Nole beat the Mac's winning streak record!
Totally digging your comments Mike.  Down with the cocky Nole.  Go Fed.  Would love to see another Rafa/Fed French Open final. 

I don't know if you guys are watching the same tournament, but Feder and specialy Nadal’s draws were quite easy and were not comparable with Novak's. Don't you think that you missed the train to call Djokovic cocky? This statement has been repeated so many times in a past and today is absurd to say it. Djokovic has been changed and improved on many fields and his results are the best proof.

If you don't like someone you do not need to trash him just because you don't like him. If I am not mistaken in last four years you had a chance to watch them seven times in GS finals, isn't that enough? 

Q: Do you know what Federer and Nadal do when they beat Djokovic? 

They turn off the PlayStation :)

Well Goran, I like Nole.  I just like Rafa better.  We all have our own opinion.  Now that you speak of draws being easier for Rafa, I agree.  Rafa's toughest and closest match was the first round with #39 Isner in a close 5 setter.  I think the best player that Rafa faced was Ljubicic who is #37.  So yes maybe Rafa's draw was a bit easier.  Nole had 2 tough matches in his draw: Del Potro and Richard Gasquet.  But keep in mind Nole also had 2 matches default and withdraw on him. 


Q: Do you know what Djokavic does when he beats Nadal?

He turns off the XBOX360  :)

and XBOX360 in a real world is actially called Magic Box:

"The pro-Nadal crowd in the Magic Box Arena were stunned into silence, not just because the king of clay had been dethroned, but the brutal way in which Djokovic accomplished it.

Standing on the baseline, Djokovic nullified the spitting topspin of Nadal's forehand, sending the Spaniard scuttling from corner to corner and forcing increasingly desperate errors..."

I agree. But I don't think Mike and Mark meant anything by it. We all name toss when we feel our favorite player might get beat. I do know that they both respect what Nole is doing and don't really think he's cocky. If anything he's toned down from his normal flambouyant ways, which could have much to do with his concentration.
Cordell is right.  Besides, we aren't trashing him, we just want to see a little bit more of the historical rivalry.  It isn't going to last forever.  Djoko has toned down a bit, but still is a bit much for my liking, and yes that is a personal thing.  Funny thing about your Playstation and Xbox360 jokes, is how many times has Djoko beaten both Rafa and Fed back to back? 

if he don't believe in his self nobody else will, so he shake it around a bit and when you come in at the top you draw the pressure of being at the top. it just so happen the mood was aginist him from jump. but what happen to him today will make him stronger a player

who can bring the heat and challenge for the big prize again and again. if not we will all look for another.


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