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I am thinking the streak stops in Rome.  I just think it is all going to be too much for him to handle.  A person doesn't change from being mentally fragile to mentally indestructible in a matter of a couple of months.  I just don't see it continueing.  Any thoughts....?

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That would be incredible, it would definitely rival Martina Navratilova's run wouldn't it.  Just don't see it.
Gosh - I never saw him as mentally fragile... I saw his shot execution being the problem.. his serve motion, his backhand... looks like he has been working on that.... I think he will do well at the French if not win
What I was inferring, is that in the recent past he was quick to wilt, and any injury whether major or minor would diffuse his willingness to stick it out and fight.  That seems to have completely disappear.  In the past couple of months he has had his knee wrapped up, he has come close to rolling his ankle several times, and something has been bothering him in his hip area, at least in Rome.  I am merely stating that his mental ability to push all that aside has taken over. 

Djoker is the favorite of the #1 kid on my team.  I asked him this question and his reply cracked me up:  Djoker will be undefeated "for the rest of his career.  Anytime anyone beats him it will be because he cheated to do so!"

Mac is posting on FB that Djoker is playing "old school" tennis ... with a modern twist.  I like that.

I think both Rafa and Roger isn't too happy with the losses against Nole.  I think Rafa is gonna get him at the French, and maybe possibly Roger at Wimbledon.
I think I tend to agree with you Mike.  My hope however is that Nole has to go through both Roger and Rafa at the French, and then again at Wimbledon.  It seems like though that at one he won't have to go through both.  Since I don't think he can wim Wimbledon anyway, I hope he has to go through both at the French.  As far as McEnroe, I think he is too much of a bandwagon sports commentator.  He likes to ride the hot ticket.
Hehe.  Now that we are on the subject of bugs the heck out of me when he pronounces Noles last name.  What is the correct pronunciation anyways?  Is it "Joekavich" or "Jockavich"?
I actually think it is along the lines of Yok, but in reality due to the language issue the Dj is something completely foreign to what we are used to.  So everyone probably butchers his name.

You are right on this one. First two Dj you pronaunce as you will do for Joker (covering only first three J-o-k : dʒəʊk, after that it is easy o-v-i (where "i" pronaunce as e- you probably know to say slivovitz). The last one is close to "ch"

Jok-ovich, it should not be that hard :)

BTW, Serbian orthography is very consistent: approximation of the principle "one letter per sound". This principle is represented by German philologiest Johann Christoph Adelung who beleived that written language should match that of the spoken: "Write as you speak and read as it is written", the principle later used by Serbian linguist Vuk Stefanović Karadžić when reforming the Cyrillic orthography of Serbian in the 19th century.

Great stuff.  Thanks Goran. 
Well why we're all waiting in anticipation to see how long this streak goes, I remember quite a few doubting he would even get through Rome...he did! I'll say this much. The only person on tour right now who stands a chance winning against fed and nadal back to back is him. If he does it, more acclaim to his improvement! If not, no one could rightfully fault him. Thats quite the superhuman feat!
I was one of them, I will admit it.  He is definitely on an awesome run.  But I do want to see him beat Fed and Rafa back to back.  Don't see it happening here.  More likely the U.S. Open later in the year, but not here.


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