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Who do you like on the women's side and who do you like on the men's side.  I am liking the prospects of a Petkovic versus Schiavone final.  Schiavone will win I am afraid, but I like my dark horses chances.  As for the men, wow, Fed is looking good.  I hope he can take out a rested Djoko.  Would like to see a Rafa v. Fed final.  It has been a while since we have seen one of those.  I don't see Rafa losing to Soderling, I don't see Murray losing to Chela, but I do see Murray losing to Rafa with his bad ankle and all.  It is getting to be crunch time.  Who do you like?

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Awww the 80's...great decade.  Who were the 4 anyways back then?

(1) McEnroe

(2) Lendl

(3) Connors

(4) Wilander


Lendl d. McEnroe in the finals

From wikipedia: 

At the 1984 French Open, McEnroe lost a close final match to Ivan Lendl. McEnroe was on the verge of beating Lendl after winning the first two sets, but Lendl's decision to use more topspin lobs and cross-court backhand passing shots, as well as fatigue and temperamental outbursts, got the better of McEnroe, allowing Lendl to win a dramatic five-setter. The loss ended a 39-match winning streak and was the closest McEnroe ever came to winning the French Open. In his autobiography, McEnroe described this loss as his bitterest defeat and conveyed the impression that this was a shadow on his career that could never be chased off

:) great info Angie! Thanks for this!!!
Nicely done Angie.  I remember the final, couldn't believe the collapse.  Just couldn't remember who the other two party members were.
Normally I would have to scold you for cheating.....but only because I was realllllllly curious will I let it slide! THIS time! :P
Who were the four Angie?
Please don't tell me Sharapova is playing Schiavone.... that would be a good match to watch, but would definitely have to be muted.  I cannot stand Schiavone's grunting - and just out of curiousity, do they test for steroids in the WTA on a regular basis?  On the men's side, it would be nice if Federer, Nadal or Novak won.  Though I'm starting to feel sorry for Rafa having lost to Djokovic so much this year.  But considering he makes over $40k in USD per wedgie, I'm sure he'll get through it just fine.  :-D
Lmao @ Karen. I think Steriods is playing Bartoli and Sharapova is playing Li Na.
It may actually be more per wedgie. Roflmao
Karen, hilarious.  Steroids does play Barfoli, and Shriekapova plays Li Na.  Despite the fact that Rafa gets paid per wedgie, I still am pulling for him.  How about that Soderling beat down today!  Loved it.
lol  :)

I really believe it is $40,000 USD (or more) per each wedgie - I took the time to work that out as I was watching one of his matches over & over.... he makes over $24 million per year - wedgie is not only part of his pre-serve routine, but also part of his receiving, also before he sits down and then more random wedgies here & there.... I thought he would get new & improved undies as part of his Armani contract... oh well... 


I haven't yet taken the time to average out how much Maria makes per shriek, but it's probably even more than Nadal's wedgies.... how awesome it would be to be Maria Sharapova.


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