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I don't usually play enough tournaments a year to compile a good ranking but...

Recently I had a year end ranking of #1 in norcal at the 5.5 level.

This year I am more proud of my Mens Open doubles ranking. I am currently #6 in norcal!

Because these are open tournaments, not NTRP, I have won money several times. 

Obviously, teaching is way more lucrative for me and I will never make a living competing... but it makes me feel awesome =)

Rankings don't really count for much except making sure I get to play in the Open Grand Prix this year. I have played that tournament before and every round is for money. This year it is in pebble beach =)

Sometimes I think of a ranking as an identity... an answer to the question of "are you good?" 

If you don't know how to answer that, play tournaments. Test your strokes under pressure and find out what you are made of!

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#1 in 5.5's isn't something to just pass over. Great job on playing some big time tennis!

As far as paying attention to rankings, I did so religiously when I was playing Jr. Open tourneys back in the day in the 90's just because my dream as a kid was to play for a D1 school or just play college tennis really.  So when the newest list of rankings came out I was all over it with excitement lol. 

Now a days I just play league tennis and couldn't care less about rankings, other than our team ranking in league, but we never go to the post season anyways so its all good and fun.  I do however, encounter other rec players that are so bent up on their NTRP rating it's kind of hilarious.  I meet some guys that wear that "5.0 or 5.5" rating as badge of honor on their sleeve making them act like they walk on water. The funny thing is is that they mainly play against 4.0 to 4.5 players and at times get beat up on the court by higher end 4.5er's lol.  It's funny how just a little rating can inflate a guys ego...the worst is when it's self-rated and not earned by playing tournaments haha!

Anyways, keep kickin' ass on the court!


Self rated players are always suspect. There was a self rated 7.0 at the tournament in Tahoe I just got back from.

I have heard of 5.0's dropping sets and even matches to 4.5's. This Most likely happens because leagues are so much tougher than tournaments. Players that could easily have a 5.0 rating may carry a 4.5 rating to play on a "stacked" 4.5 team. 

League tennis is fun. I have done those post season things (districts, sections, etc at the 5.0 level) I don't want to lose my 5.0 rating.

A self rated 7.0? Wow lol

Yes leagues are a lot of fun. In my area there aren't any 5.0-5.5 leagues so everyone drops down to 4.5's. A few former D1 guys and a lot of former Community College guys play in the 4.5s so it's pretty fun.



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