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Top 10 Signs "You know your favourite tennis player is struggling in the rankings when...."

10. During their match the commentators keep talking about Federer/Nadal/Djokorvic 

9. When the TV cameras never zoom in on your hot girlfriend/ boyfriend between change overs 

8. Get called for a foot fault or time violation

7. When commentators bring up Anna Kournikova while you play

6. When they are using a 'blacked out racquet' on a center court

5. When they are a Wild Card, Lucky Loser or qualifier

4. When the stadium erupts in an uproar after they finally get a game during a match

3. Like the fans, the player leaves their own practice court to line up for autographs at their favourite players' practice court


2. Right after a big win against a top 10 player, the press would rather find out how their opponent lost rather than discuss their win


1. They have a 'bag check' on Youtube 



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Girl(Myiesha), you know I have no business in any Open tournaments.  I made that mistake once before.  I wouldn't want to embarrass myself, at least not yet.  :P   But, I hope that you are registering!  Get that money!  If you do, let me know, I'll bring my Pom Pom's lol
lol they got mix doubles
I'm not the best doubles player.  I would feel SOOOOO bad if I didn't play well.  I know you're such a high caliber player, that if we did play, they would probably just pick on me.  I'm flattered that you would actually want to play with me, but I can't stand the thought of the feeling I would have if I let you down.  :/

..favorite player is struggling when he's called for the trainer in every tournament and waiting opponent is doing jumping jacks to keep himself/herself warm... 

@ mike.. i can't believe you're turning MS down?  where's the thug in you, huh??!  :-)

hahaha the old me is dead and gone joseph lol    I would just feel terrible if we lost because of me.  She would hate me.  :/

bring out the hood in ya' d@m'it.. 

I wouldn't hate you I do know how to lose but thanks for the honesty you need to get yo swag back


I think I'm getting old. hehe.  Nah, I just feel bad if we lost because of me.
You know your favorite player is doing bad when they take it out on the ball kid

Apparently someone borrowed our stuff and posted it on their blog. We appreciate the compliment but where is the credit?!


If you check the date in my post you can tell mine was posted May 16th and theirs May 17th.

MD, i recommend not thinking about the outcome ahead of time (winning, losing, whatever) stay with the process of playing each point, adjusting from your errors and also improving on every match.  besides, you're the Djokovic of Tennisopolis brother.... you're on a roll with your charlie sheen voice where's that?  hehe... take her offer and go with it.  do it for your opolite fans.  :-)


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