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Professional recommendation on racquet string types for 12 year old junior SCMZ player

Dear all,

I have a serious request on what is the best type of racquet string for  my 12 year old son using a Head Youtek Graphene Speed Pro tennis racquet?

He is using what I had in my back up stash which is a Babolat Pro Hurricane at 55lb tension.  At 5 ft, 91 lbs my son is on the smaller build than your average tennis player but he is playing in the Super Champs, so he is doing not too bad and loving the heck out of tournament experience:)  He also uses less of an extreme western grip and is more between eastern and semi-western grip on forehands and has a double handed backhand.

I'd like to hear what is best recommended as far as string and tension for a junior competing in tournaments.  I keep hearing a lot of different opinions and advice Poly gut, synthetic gut, hybrid, more spin, more power etc. etc. from different folks and I am not an expert on strings so I am asking for true expert advice, no sales pitch please just real pro expertise so I can make a change and give him what is best suited for him.  I've heard from juniors who are far better than my son that they have hybrid string and keep breaking them but it is best suited for generating spin and more.

Please kindly help me with this dilemma, I maybe a certified tennis coach and tennis player but I don't know everything and look forward to educating myself further on whatever I can:) This is the best place I believe I can get some concrete answers, thanks to Tennisopolis!

Appreciate all your input at your earliest convenience.  Some major junior tournaments coming up so I'd like to make the change for him asap whatever is needed and best suited for enhancing performance.  If what he has right now is fine then I won't change anything.  He loves his Head Youtek Graphene and seems to maneuver it pretty well.

Thank you all!

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If he is not popping string on a regular basis, Synth string should be fine.type of racquet doesnt matter. its the feel and responce you get back from the string you are looking for.

then go into hybrid  when he gets strong enough to pop strings and 55LBS sounds Tight for Hurricane, Gaurav my student here, he was playing RPM?RPG what ever it is.... at 58LBS..... i dropped him down to 52LBS with the most durable string ever Gosen POly-on got him out of Full bed poly to a hybred with synth gut cross. He has gotten better and is about the same height and weight as your son. He still pops strings in about a week or two which is good. But more expensive strings offer playability and durability, but  finding the right combination of strings takes time.  Gosen is the best choice for budget cross strings, The New Wilson Rip Spin Strings and a great mid grade performance string for the price, and try genesis True GRit if he wants a luxilon feel. but not the price.

if price is not an issue for hybrids then just buy LUX ALU its one of the best. I don't like it for me but its very consistent and plays good when its dead.

Questions you son needs to answer

Feel: does he want soft, stiff, spring-y, grippy/bite

Power: no power & Stiff, Soft & no power thus giving more feel,

PRice per pack: $2 - $15

Durability: String goes dead in a day/hour/week/, breaks prematurely, never breaks, moves very little, moves alot,

These questions will lead you to the string that will most likely complement you sons game.

You can learn more info about strings AT They are AWESOME. Jens is the owner of the site, he lives in Germany and is a cool GUY

Thank you for your prompt response.  Appreciate it a lot!  Very helpful information:)

yeah sorry for spelling and grammar. baby cying

Understand completely! Thank you and no worries:)


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