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Hey all, I've been observing that many people tend to choose partners based on NTRP ratings.  Those scratching their heads and saying "N... T... who?", please check this link

Now, since many of us do not play in leagues or compete in tournaments, we self-rate, but therein lies a problem.  The ratings guide can be subjective for S-Rers, and sometimes our inflated egos can get the better of us, leading to even more inflated discrepancies between ones' perception of skill, versus actual skill. 

So here's an idea:  get the opinions of other Tennisopolites!  Here's how this works; in a theoritical two-set match, what would you predict the outcome to be in terms of score? Furthermore, if you can provide number of years it takes to reach that level (assume the average person, not Mr. Athlete), you would be providing insightful and valuable information.

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