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Hi, All!  Just moved to the city. I live in Manhattan (midtown east) and would love to play after work on weekdays or anytime during weekend. Still trying to learn where to play, actually.  Used to play in high school and Division 3 college. Prefer baseline rallies.  Looking forward to meeting and playing tennis with you...

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Hi there.  i'm usually good to play once a week after work (usually off around 6-7) or on the weekends as well.  i usually play at the USTA out in Flushing but am open to finding somewhere closer.  the courts out there are nicer (and a bit cheaper) than the city private courts.  this week isnt good but next week should be fine.  tuesday or wednesday maybe?

let me know,


Hey, Mike.  Thanks so much for the reply.  How long (& easy) is it to get to Flushing courts from Manhattan?  Drive?  Subway?  Also, how much is the court fee?  Anyway, I'd love to find out more so that I can get on the court as soon as I can.  Thanks again and looking forward to meeting you soon, Mike.  BTW, next week should be good for me as well, once we figure out the courts....

hey there...

the commute isnt terrible, especially if you catch a 7 express train.  i work near times square and from there it takes between 30-50 minutes.  i shoot to be there by 7 usually and play for a couple of hours.  the indoor fees there are $60/hour and to play outdoors its $30/hour.

but if you know of some other courts, im up for whatever.  in the summer there are plenty of reasonable outdoor courts to find but this time of year the indoor courts are swamped.

speak soon,


wow, 60/hour is a lot more than I expected!  :)))  I guess that's what you pay to live in NY, right?  I think I will have to find some cheaper option, even if I have to drive a bit further.  Any suggestions, Mike?

Hey, Michael.  Sorry I haven't been out to Flushing.  Been pretty tough getting out there after work during weekdays.  Anyway,I've been doing some research online and am thinking of playing either at Central Park or Roosevelt Island.  Would you be interested?  I think we can get permits toward the end of March...

Hi, My name is Artemis and I am looking for someone to rally with on the weekends. do you have  a particular court you visit? I usually go to the USTA in queens (in the morning via subway). Let me know when you want to meet. THnks


Hi, Artemis.  Thanks for replying.  It would be great to hit sometime.  As I was saying to Mike above, I'm looking to play, but hopefully at an affordable price.  What's the fee for courts in Queens?  I can even drive out to Queens over the weekend, if needed.  Hopefully, it won't be too far away for Mike either...  Anyway, I'd appreciate your thoughts, Artemis.  Thanks and really hope that we can get out on the court soon!

well, i dont know how u feel about playing tennis in the mornings. USTA does 20/hr from 5 - 7 am. 

Where is this USTA?  If it includes weekends, I am definitely in for the morning session.  I suppose I will be able to drive in the morning without much traffic...

no, its only the weekdays. The weekends are 40/hr. Would Mon and Wed b ok with u?

where is this place, Artemis?  If I push for it, I may be able to get off work around 5 or 515.  So, if it's close to Midtown East, I'm hoping I can get there by 6?  Thanks.

its in queens by the citi mets stadium


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