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I just started getting back into tennis after not playing regularly for about 4 years. Right now Id say Im at about a 3.0 skill level and am looking to play with someone of a similar skill level. My schedule is pretty much open everyday- Im flexible. Let me know if youd like to play! I live north around Pflugerville but work in the westlake area so Im back and forth between here and Austin often-I dont mind traveling to play.

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I'd say i'm about a 3 also, at least that's what my older sister says. And I have to play her in a month so I need to at least get moving. I'm open most days too, are you aware of any decent courts up north. If so let's meet up in the afternoon or let me know what's good for you. I'm ready to go,



I usually just play at Pflugerville high school because the courts are always open and lit. I have people in town until Sunday, what about setting something up for next week?

Sounds good to me, what day is good for you, so you are thinking early evening after 5?

I'm pretty much open any night, afternoons can be good but need to plan it.

Talk to you later,




I am literally open all week any time, so whatever works best for you is fine with me.

Ok, hey here's a cool link if you ever wanna try some different courts, then just click Austin under cities. Are all schools on break this week? I live just south of downtown so a little closer than Plugerville would be good for me. How about John B. Connolly on north Lamar, the Austin Tennis center on Johnny Morris or Pharr tennis Center off Airport. 

How about Wednesday at 2:00, you pick the court.



The courts on north lamar work well for me. 2:00 tomorrow works perfect. Im not sure if all schools are out or not...

Hey Andrea, my email is  I had a great time playing with you and thought it pretty even though you obviously got the best of me when it counted. I will be going to the Austin Tennis Center tomorrow to give my racket a once over and maybe get some proper shoes so look out next time.

Other than rehearsing with a bandmate some afternoons, I would love to keep playing with you pretty often. So let me see what's up for Friday, are you open to weekends or just the week?

Talk to you soon,




Im 66, so if you are looking for a partner in your age group...


I'm also about 3.0.    I spend 6 months of the year in Austin;  I head north March 30th, and return in early October to Austin. Will be looking for a fun relaxed mixed doubles partner when I return in October.


I went to 3.0 Nationals about 15 years ago, but am not "Nationals Ready Lol" right now.


If you need a doubles fill-in before March 30, give me a call at 689 2096.



Im really looking for someone closer to my age though, thanks!

Hey Andrea,

I'm an average player (i'm not sure what number i am) but like yourself i use to play more but haven't in a while. i'm trying to get back into it. if you want to play sometime let me know. i'm in central austin. thanks, mark

Hey! sorry i just got your reply I dont check this very often. What is your schedule like and maybe we can set up a time to play soon. you can email me at

Hey Andrea, just got back from vacation and I've lost your number. Let's play again soon. My number is 512-386-7540.

Take it easy




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