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If you have studied Oscar's book or DVDs, have taken a clinic with him or one of his certified coaches, use his method in your game or as part of your tennis teaching style, please let us hear from you!


To learn about Oscar Wegner's Modern Tennis Methodology
please go to OSCAR'S WEBSITE WWW.TENNISTEACHER.COM and visit my website too at

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Here is a very sweet letter of appreciation typical of so many players grateful for Oscar's help:

"Dear Mr. Wenger,

My name is Samantha. I am 12 years old and live in Guernsey, Channel Islands. I am writing this e-mail to you with thanks. I have read your book. It has inspired me. I feel more confident about myself and the way I play."
Bert from Georgia writes the following:

"I was watching tv in the early 90s and one day his spots came on couple of times.I rushed to the courts and tried it. It worked and so has everything else Ive gotten from him.After 20yrs. of studying the game I was at last able to turn loose play and enjoy the game more than ever.Its been said before and will say it again .Oscar is a true genius."
Sparky writes:
"I started using Oscar's method about 10 years ago...maybe longer, and I was so impressed with my own results that I started teaching it to others. I have been amazed at how quickly "the Method" has changed people's games.

Weekly I run a 2 hour "Novice +" Clinic attended by anywhere from 8 to 21 players, and since I hate having people standing around in lines, I use a "Game Based" approach where everyone is hitting the whole time. I've found that Oscar's method integrates perfectly with this approach, and my "Novices" have moved into the more advanced sessions and groups the point that there are fewer available courts throughout the day. In my mind there is nothing sadder than an empty tennis court."
Rock writes:
"I've bought into Oscar Wegner's program 100%! I had just started playing tennis a few years ago and couldn't keep the ball on the court---the tennis courts I had played were simply too small for me, until I discovered an easy way to produce topspin with power through watching all of Oscar's videos. I still go through his lessons every now and then as a refresher and incorporate his methods into my own lesson plans. To say Wegner influenced my game is a major understatement! I think I've read everything ever written about tennis and he makes more sense than anyone. "
Jun writes:
"Here's a DVD set that i highly recommend that you seriously take a look at by oscar wegner. he also has a book titled "tennis in 2 hours". the DVD set is actually what is taught in the book. but if you are looking for an easier way to learn to play tennis, this can't get any better. if you actually call the toll free no. on the website, you can actually talk to Oscar himself."
John writes:
"You are right on. Oscar is the best, the only teacher who speaks truth in all his teaching. Nobody does it better. Those videos are worth a thousand dollars in lessons and Venus and Serena are the proof."
The following is my prepared ideas, where I mentioned Oscar Wegner, for the reception for Patri Friedman, a grandson of Milton Friedman, on June 9th:

Post-science is for solutions, not just ideas. The post-science solutions of value, software, and touch are chosen because they are basic to the creational technology of self-creation. In the process of self-creation, we will realize from our design specification the meaning of life and the purpose of existence. To post-science, the meaning of life is in its value, and the purpose of existence is self-creation, which should be considered the goal of human existence, for what we create will be able to do whatever we can do.

The current most advanced solutions, mostly unfinished, are:
1. Milton Friedman believes in deregulation, which can be translated into post-science terminology to be that laws should be discovered not made in both science and post-science. Post-science, believing that society is regulated by non-violable laws of nature in social science, is, thus, against freedom.
2. Gerard Debreu, with the support of Kenneth Arrow and John von Neumann, has rigorously described the problem of value, but incorrectly solved the temporal dependence of value on page 34 of Theory of Value by Debreu. Post-science solves the problem specified by Debreu.
3. All professional tennis players today follow the “Push Tennis” first promoted by Oscar Wegner. Push Tennis employs the effect of prolonged contact explained scientifically by the new concept of jumpulse discovered by Ta-You Wu and Hugh Ching of Post-Science Institute. The number one tennis player in history of tennis Roger Federer has a forehand that is explained in the book The Jumpulse Stroke by Hugh Ching. The Jumpulse Stroke is more advanced than “Push Tennis” and encompasses three parts (1) Lift, (2) Jumpulse, and (3) Close, while Push Tennis only has one part Jumpulse.

Society must recognize these achievements before it can advance into post-science, but it does not fully. There is little hope for complete automation to be accepted and, therefore, post-science must cooperate with Richard Stallman to develop the All People Programming Language (APPL) so that everybody in the world over the age of 6 can program a computer, even without a computer.


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