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I rate - Looking for a court? My rating about San Dimas High school/pak - California

Sand Dimas High School

800 W Covina Blvd. Sand Dimas Ca 91773


Area: - 4.8 - Nice park/school, West of the 210Fwy on Cypress St. The courts are located behind the school; there are a lot of parking spots, so park by the courts. This school is part of Sand Dimas park, so the city pays for the schools sports facilities. So I heard. There are 8 courts 7 of them are usable.


Court surface, and lines - 4.4 – The surface, and the lines are nice. The court is a little slow, makes the points fun. This court has fence extenders between the courts; I think all courts should have them.


Nets -  4.2  - The nets aren’t to bad, they replace them if they have holes, about once a year. Some times the nets are to high, so you may have to fix them yourself.


Wind screens – 4.8 -  Yes - The wind screens are great, the courts that touch each other in the middle of the facility do not have wind screens. The windscreens are located on the outside of all the courts.


Lights – 5.0 –yes, I’ve played here at night, I can see the ball fine, some times there will be a light that is out, but if you call the city they will replace it.


Over all I give it:  Day Playing   18.2 out of 20, Nights playing - 23 out of 25


I recommend these courts, a lot of people players at different levels play here. There is a group of people who play doubles Tuesday and Thursday.


1) 3100 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107  ---- Day: 16/20, Night: N/A 

2) Schabarum Regional Park, Hacienda Heights, CA--Day 16.5/20

3) Orange Grove Park, Arcadia, CA --- Day: 13/20 Night: N/A

4) Irwindale Park, Irwindale Ave, CA --- 16.2/20 Night: N/A

5) Sand Dimas High School 800 W Covina Blvd. Sand Dimas Ca 91773

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