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How long does a string job last you? Or do they loosen up first? Do you restring at the beginning of the season, what?

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I play around 3 times a week for 3-5 hours each time. On average I probably break strings twice every three weeks or so when I'm playing at that clip. 



If i was your stringer i would drill out that grommet and replace it. Strings just dont break there unless the ball hit the frame and crushed the string there(bad grommet) or the string was exposed on the outside of the frame and a court scrape did it. I always use head tape on my frames because i play on hard courts, and it always helps.

If the grommet is the cause, just replace them, or get some string tubing to use in that spot. The tubing is a little easier to deal with, so that's what I use:


I'm not sure of a time frame of my strings breaking, because I've never timed it. But it seems like I'm always restringing my stuff. Thinking about getting a few more racquets just so I don't have to restring them immediately.


Normally I can get 5-6 sets out of a 15L gauge, and probably 3-5 sets with 16. I won't even use 17g anymore. I'd end up spending more time stringing than actually playing.


I've played 3 sets on my newest 15L prince topspin job, so I'm guessing it'll probably break at some point in the next match. Broke a string yesterday with the 15L, and I think it was the 2nd or 3rd match I'd played with that racquet. 

Are you guys looking at my 4 string break? Or mike's off-center break?
Mike's break. As for your 4 break, impressive. I thought I was doing good by breaking 2 at a time. I guess I'll have set higher goals next time. haha


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