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Hey everyone. I looked around the forum and didn't see a thread where we could discuss about how we feel about our tennis. So here are some questions that I think are always good to ask ourselves:


1. Do you have confidence in your shot making ability?

2. Do you think of yourself as a "thinker" on the court?

3. Do you know what your best shot is?

4. What is something that you would like to improve on, whether it is mental or physical?

5. Are you happy with your rating or would you like to improve and build up?

6. Do you like playing recreational tennis or competitive tennis better?


I think these are the main questions we need to ask ourselves. I know all of us want to get better, but sometimes, to give ourselves a mental break, we need to ask question to ourselves to see what we really want out of tennis. For example, I want to get good enough to get on the pro circuit. Throughout my tennis career, which has only lasted 4 years) people have told me I started too late and I'm not old to get on the tour. I'm going to prove them wrong and work my butt off to do it. After 4 years of playing I'm already beating people that have been playing for over 10 years. I'm serious about it and I'm willing to push myself to the limit. I think that if Francesca Schiavone can win a major at 30 years of ago, than I can most certainly get on the tour. My dream is to play on Center Courte in Wimbledon...and I haven't let the dream slip away.


What's your dream?

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1. At times, I have the utmost confidence in my shot making ability. At other times it deserts me and I'm out there flailing away. 


2. I do wish that I could be 2 or 3 shots ahead of my opponent but I seem to play in the moment often chaging my mind at the last second as far as shot selection. Although when I do find an opponents glaring weakness I tend to latch on to it like a rabid dog until the end of the match or until they make adjustments.


3. My best shot is my forehand. I may turn heads with BH rerurns and passes but the FH is where I make the bread and butter.


4. I seem to get into panic mode at sometime during matches and nothing goes right and erros don't just pile up, they pile up and avalanche back down on me. Its a mental thing beacuse these errors come after doing everything right in a point and flubbing the last shot.


5. I'm a 3.5 now, but next year I will voluntarily move up to 4.0 league. However with tourneys costing $50 each and a top ten ranking in 3.5 I will play 3.5 tournaments as loong as possible. 


6. I like both, but what is the point of practicing and playing recreationaly if you do not ever put it to the test?


My dream is to become and open level player. I want to become a computer rated 5.0

1) I am too confident at times, often sending the ball to Jupiter.  :)

2) I definitely like to plan my shots and try my best to play "smart" tennis.

3) I believe my forehand is my shot for sure.

4) I definitely would like to improve my mental aspect of the game.  Often it comes down to this is close situations.

5) I am never satisfied.  I would like to improve and get to the "open" status. But baby steps first(4.5) hehe

6) I am a competitive person by nature.  I don't mind playing recreational y ,but I will be playing to win.  Competitive tennis is my thing.  Tournaments and leagues is more of my thing.


Good luck on your goal Natalia!  Never give up and remember: Hard work pays off.  Best of luck to you!  :)


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