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Can people post videos of their NTRP play--I just ran into a 4.0 guy that moved up to 4.5 from Baltimore--and he is ridiculously good




granted--I'm an out of practice computer rated 5.0--but I always felt like an okay 4.5 max.  This guy Iz is pretty complete for a 4.0 guy that just moved up to 4.5--and he hasn't played 4.5 league yet.  Is this a normal example?  my friends in Hawaii are not as good at this 4.5 player--and they're 4.5 also.


I understand with the self-rate that there's massive downgrading across the board, but if this guy is 4.0--then... I'm 4.0 wow.


so can you post vids of a 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and a 5.0 from your area?

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This is me with no Sleep, Full on Pizza, and cant walk playing a 4.0/4.5 player in the finals in 2008. it went three sets.  WE start off in the Second Set and I am Down 0-1 on Serve. Player Ratings if you would like to think about it are in threes. YOur Top your middle and your bottom. MY bottom is 4.5 my top is 5.5. if I train my top is 6.0 my bottom is 5.0. Think about it that way.

is that how it goes now?  top, middle, and bottom?  i thought it was a running rating now that changes with each victory and loss.


thanks for posting the vid--I definitely think you're in that range... this guy iz above...he was a 4.0?  i really think he's more 5.0 than 4.5 your thoughts?

I'm working on getting some videos up for you.

you look like a good tennis player but whomever was video taping this gets a 1.5 lol!

I can't really tell by the video how good he is.  I like CoachV's explanation about players having a range.  I think that describes my play as well.  Players have good days and bad days and match up differently to styles of play.  The thing to remember about the NTRP is it's just a guideline.  It's useful for matching up players for competing in USTA league/tournaments. 

Hey Gary,


Do you post on talktennis as well or was that just people taking the liberty of posting your youtube videos? If you're Mr. G, I've seen your videos over there countless times and it's always to point out the fallacy of the NTRP system. I think the consensus over there for a while has been that in a more heavily tennis populated sections like cali, texas or florida, you'd be as low as 4.0.


If you're computer rated obviously your results speak for themselves in your area, but your game seems to tell another story. From what I've seen in the Texas area, I feel like you'd have a really hard time handling some of the high end 4.0s and an even harder time just staying competitive against your average 4.5


Videos are usually very misleading and don't tell the whole story, but I'm just going from the videos you have available and from what I have seen at USTA tournaments and league play here in my area.


I also agree that players have ranges that they fall into given their fitness and day form but I highly disagree with 1.5+ range changes. The dynamic in skill levels is already incredibly large in any given rating. I think sometimes people underestimate the difference in skill from one rating to another. There's a huge gap from 4.0 to 4.5 and an even bigger one from 4.5 to 5.0. I just feel like it would be incredibly difficult to be dropping entire points on the NTRP scale. I could understand a 4.5 dropping to 4.0 play but even then it would mean that they were a lower end 4.5 and probably dropping to a middle of the pack 4.0 because of lack of practice or fitness.


These are just my views on NTRP from what I've seen. There's really no way to get people to agree on NTRP and what another person's game should be rated at. As Angie pointed out, the best way to avoid all the stress associated with the disagreements, is to remember that it's a guideline to match players up in their area.

i don't post on talk tennis...but I have no problem with that.


OH NO DUDE_-this guy, Iz, is saying he's a 4.5 that hasn't even played in the league--with the dynamic rating and to be fair, all my 5.0 friends in hawaii are down...if they let the 5.0's down to 4.5, that would push the 4.5's down into 4.0 so I'm cool with that.  it's when people start saying i'm 3.0...sigh... give me a break.


interesting though, i haven't been back in the US for like 4 years now so it makes with my daughter, this is my level--i just don't have the court time to be super competitive

your not a 3.0 maybe a 2.5 but not a 3.0 JK

Last Year I lost to a 4.5 player with no weapons.  ( exhibition Match ) Although I have not trained and i took him for granted. he did win and it was very enjoyable for me, to watch him win.  his weapon/ability is to counter punch. but the shots he had to counter punch were big shots compared to his level of hitting. So if he can counter punch my big shots and has no game or big shots he is a 4.5/4.0 depending on health. he was also 5'9" and a 130lbs so he can run down anything.  He is kicking every 4.5 butt back in the north east because those players are trying to make winners and hes just counter punching. But if I didnt Attack against him he didnt attack me but if he did try to attack it was weak and really didnt set up for anything.


He is from  NYC-Tristate area 4.5 is much better than a Atlanta GA 4.5 it works that way as well across the country. if you want a 5.0 rating or better you should be winning a mens open event every year and 2 events in your age division. plain and simple.

the problem with being 5.0... in Hawaii and when I was in Michigan--there are NO 5.0 tournaments, so you're forced to play Opens--the problem with that is OPENS ARE OPEN--so you play guys that are like college players, top ranked juniors, and basically, you run into 5.5 or better players.  To develop as a 5.0 you really need 5.0's.  The gap for me between 4.5 and 4.0 was a CHASM--I had to change the way I play to adjust to that level.  the gap between 4.5 and 5.5/open is the GRAND CANYON--you can't beat that level--it's just too high.  It's so high, you don't learn.  You play a match and it's 20 minutes and you don't even sweat.... AHAHHAHA
I have to agree with Gary.  At least here in California, there are plenty of 5.0 tournaments and even a few 5.5's.  There's a HUGE difference from 5.0 to open!  It would be virtually impossible for a 5.0 player to win an OPEN tournament out here.  It just isn't going to happen.  Hence, the 5.0 tournaments and the OPEN tournaments.  There is a wide spectrum in each ranking, there are weak 4.5 players and strong 4.5 players and so on and so on.  I think that there is a HUGE difference from players ranking nationwide.

the other problem we have is that since there aren't any tournaments, we can't get tournament tough.  the league is non-existent.  there are some venues like cut a deal to hit with the local college players or something.  and it's true, if you're good, people find you.  but I find it so sad that we strive to get to 5.0...and you're there...and there's nothing for you



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